Tips for buying a perfect engagement diamond ring

After years of being together, have you finally decided to propose to your partner with a beautiful ring? Hence, it is time to embrace romance and gear up your game to prepare the best proposal that gets engraved on your partner’s mind forever. Choosing the perfect engagement diamond ring can make it memorable.


Choosing the best quality diamond is a difficult thing because your need to consider three things such as cut, carat and clarity of the diamond. But when Australian shops are a hub to beautiful diamonds, choosing one becomes harder. Don’t worry, though, through this article. 


Some useful tips that can help you in picking out the best engagement diamond ring.

Decide the shape of a ring.

However, when it comes to engagement diamond ring, alluring round brilliants catches the attention. Diamonds are available in different shapes and cuts, oval cushion cuts are also trendy. Therefore, narrow down the shape of the diamond that you want for your partner and you can discuss the same with your partner to choose the best one. Always consider her preferences while you choose a diamond ring for your wedding. 

Choose the carat weight

You must consider carat, size and weight of the diamond while you choose a diamond engagement ring. Is it a one or two-carat weight diamond? Does she want an exquisite engagement diamond ring or something eye-catching but not over the top? Try to find out the answers to these and accordingly decide whether it is 0.98 or 1.08-carat weight and choose the perfect ring.

Consider the cut quality

One aspect that greatly contributes to the beauty of a diamond ring is its cut quality. Even a rough diamond can turn out into an exquisite piece by a fine cut quality, whereas a top-quality diamond can turn into a low quality ring with a poor cut. Hence, you need to be very specific with cut quality to get the hands-on best ring. Handcrafted diamond rings with expensive metals like gold and platinum can make your day special. 

Narrow down the metal for the band

Conventionally, different types of metal bands like yellow gold, silver, white gold, platinum were used. However, in modern times, rose gold has also emerged as a warming and fresh option for engagement diamond rings. Also, every metal owns different properties like some get scratches easily while some are built for daily purposes. Therefore, only choosing a diamond is not enough; you need to know what style will fit perfectly to your chosen diamond.

Select the correct ring size

In the excitement of buying an engagement diamond ring, there are chances that even the obvious aspect of ring size may skip your mind, and you end up buying a wrong size. This can land you in an embarrassing situation and crumble your dream proposal. Hence, it is better to know your partner’s finger size and you can bring her to the shop to take a trial.

Buy certified ring

The engagement diamond ring is going to stay forever with your partner, and also it is quite expensive subject. Hence it is wise to shop for a certified ring. You should make sure the diamond you’re considering purchasing is certified by a recognized lab. Sometimes, even a low-grade diamond can be rated high and get a nice deal. Therefore choosing the diamond certified by the state authority can save your cost. 

Closing words:

An engagement diamond ring is a valuable jewel as it is purchased for your spouse-to-be. Hence, don’t rush in and carefully read the tips that can clarify your doubts and make your dream proposal come true.

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