9 Different Types of Vests every Man should know about

Our everyday life is incomplete without proper innerwear. Be it a vest or a brief, for being at your ease and comfort, it is necessary to have the best kinds of innerwear. Your intimate hygiene is a primary factor too, which looks after the body and the mind. Therefore, it is crucial to choose these garments carefully before actually using them.

Vest for men forms a crucial part of their wardrobes. It is impossible that a person would have just one kind of or one particular vest. These are brought in bulk to serve the purpose of wearing it for a longer period. Due to the utility, comfort, and style that is imparted by this particular garment, vests are widely used and adorned by men.

Now you must be wondering, what is the necessity of wearing such an outfit when one can already wear a T-Shirt or a Shirt simply? There are certain defined reasons for the same. Let’s take a glance through the roles of a men’s vest in everyday lives. The list is as follows:

  • The first and the most essential reason is the absorption of water or sweat known as baniyan for men. We are aware that sweating is a usual biological activity in the human body. Especially, in a country like India which consists primarily of the summer season, vests help reduce the sweat by absorbing it from the body and thereby reduces any sort of irritation.
  • Most of the time, the fabric that is being used to make the vest is cotton and soft, skin-friendly fabrics. Therefore, this makes this garment extremely comfortable for people to wear.
  • Just like the summer season, during the winter season, one can put this layer of outfit as the base layer. The more layers, the lesser cold one would feel. So, it serves the purpose of inner or thermal wear for a lot of individuals.
  • We are well aware of the fact that men’s fashion is incomplete without a T-Shirt or a Shirt of any kind. Many times, these outfits are a little transparent and some of you might not be comfortable with this fact. So, wearing a vest underneath helps manifolds in hiding that transparency. This further provides confidence to a person about fashion and styling who is wearing it.
  • The vests provide resistance to any sort of stains that can hamper your cloth for the longer run. It protects both the skin of the body and your outer garment from any kind of shock.

An interesting fact to note here is that the word ‘vest’ is derived from the French word ‘Veste’ that means a sleeveless jacket or a sports coat. The needs of a person will decide on which vest to take up for any kind of occasion or an event. To know more about this garment, let’s have a look at different types of vest that are listed as follows:

  1. Sleeveless Vest – These are also known as sando for men. Frequently worn as the innermost layer in an outfit. The most common type of vests that are also actively used by the military under their Uniforms.
  2. V-Neck Vest – As the name suggests, this type of vest has a V-shaped neck design.
  3. Compression Vest – To make your body shape prominent and give it a toned look, compression vests are used.
  4. Crew Neck Vest – Do you also wonder what those undershirts mostly elderly people wear as a vest but look like T-Shirts? Yes, this is a Crew Neck Vest. Probably the oldest and one of the best kinds of vests that are quite popular in a country like India.
  5. Long-Sleeved Vest – This is an invention specifically for the winter season. Due to the long sleeves, this provides extra protection and warmth to any individual’s body.
  6. Gym Vest – Gym vest for men is worn in the gyms or during workout sessions. These are extremely lightweight and the fabric is usually soft. Now scale up your fitness regime with these vests.
  7. Athletic Vest – For those who are involved in various sports and athletics, this is the one for you to pick up. Those people who have a little heavier chest should invariably try out this one.
  8. Tank Tops – Tank tops are known to be bigger and more loose. With the arms of this vest with more space, this one gives an extremely comfortable fit for a casual day at home.
  9. Square Neck Vest – These vests have broad shoulder straps with a square-shaped neck design.

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