How To Make Your Favourite Custom Cosmetic Packaging?

Packaging is extremely important for marketing purposes. Custom packaging can be used to promote the brand, show off your creativity, and improve sales. Because of this, it’s not hard to understand why people are so interested in making their own custom cosmetic containers at home.


Custom cosmetic packaging can be made in many different ways.

One of the easiest methods is to use shrink wrapping. Shrink-wrap is wonderful because it seals everything together tightly while remaining easy to open and close. It’s perfect as lip balm boxes for lip balm, or other products like soap, body butter, lotions, creams, sun blocks – basically anything that you want to keep closed until it’s ready to be used by the customer.

Custom cosmetic containers made using shrink wrap are economical and attractive.

They can be purchased at any home improvement or craft store (they’re often near the candles). You can also purchase shrink-wrap online at many places. Shrink-wrap comes in rolls, with one side covered in a release material. Cut the piece of shrink wrap large enough to fit over your container with some extra on all sides (so you don’t see the original container). Make sure you cut it long enough so that it’s plenty big for where you want to put your label. Place the container on top of the piece of shrink wrap and outline it with a marker or pencil. Cut out the circle larger than your outline. This will ensure that when heat is applied evenly, it will shrink down to fit securely over your container.

What are the benefits of custom cosmetic packaging?

Cosmetic packaging refers to the various types of containers and receptacles used in the manufacturing and selling of cosmetics. Packaging serves several purposes: it protects the cosmetic product, gives product information (name/ingredients), and can improve its presentation or marketability. Cosmetic companies spend a lot on their packaging because they rely heavily on visual factors when selling their products.

Therefore, buying pre-made cosmetic packaging is often more expensive than making your custom beauty supplies. Customized makeup bottles are worth it is given that you will save money while getting exactly what you want! Labeling your homemade beauty products also helps keep track of them should you go through any ingredients fast.

How to make your custom cosmetic packaging?

There are numerous ways to make your own customized beauty supplies. Here are some of the most popular DIY cosmetics you can try:

You can start by finding an empty container such as a plastic shampoo bottle, lotion jar or cosmetic container. You will need to thoroughly clean these before using them for your homemade beauty products. Be sure that the bottles and containers have not been used with any chemicals or other substances. It is best if they do not contain labels because these might be difficult to remove and leave behind glue residue that may interfere with making soap or perfume products. For this, you will need to soak the containers in warm soapy water. You can also use an old toothbrush to scrub stubborn dirt or adhesive remnants off of the bottles and containers.

The materials you need for making custom cosmetic packaging.

water · fabric of your choice · scissors or rotary tool with cutting wheel.

Measuring tape or ruler · soap solution for cleaning containers before use.

Paper towels, old rags, cloth napkins, etc.

To make custom packaging for retail your beauty products, you need to clean the bottle or container before using it. Brands have found that some personal care products come in recycled PET plastic bottles whose labels were just painted over instead of being removed completely.

Where can consumers’ information and inspiration about designing my own cosmetics package?

That’s where your creativity in making custom cosmetic packaging comes in. When consumers need to clean the bottles. Now let us look at how to make our cosmetics.

1. Cleaning your containers and materials:

you need to wash the bottles and containers before use with a soap solution for cleaning containers. After that dry them with paper towels or old rags (better than using a cloth napkin).

2. Making pattern:

You can make patterns with string or thread around a water bottle. There are also other ways to do it, like using carbon paper or pencil on the face of your makeup.

3. Punch ring:

Once you have finished making patterns, you can go ahead and drill holes around the edge of the top so that they are neat and orderly for your cosmetic closures. You’ll also need to cut some material for adding decorative elements later on.

4. Making cap fasteners/decoration:

After cutting out all the materials you will then use a hot glue gun to attach them onto your bottles with decorations, flowers, ribbons, etc. This is one method of customizing your own cosmetics package uniquely. Good luck!

Custom cosmetic packaging is a way to get more customers and make your business grow.

You can use different techniques to make custom-made cosmetic stickers and customized packaging boxes. Although you need some connections to start this kind of work, it can be profitable in the end. So, follow these tips and tricks and succeed: –

  • Make sure that your cosmetics bottle and sticker fit nicely before printing them out.
  • Start with the easier thing, maybe the sticker first? Just design something simple on Photoshop using patterns or shapes that best go together with your product idea.
  • The next step should be choosing the color combination for the label/packaging box/inserts etc.
  • Last but not least add whatever logo or text you like to the end result of the process.

What type of latest techniques can help in customizing cosmetic packaging?

You can choose one out of the following techniques for your custom cosmetic packaging creation:

– print on demand

This technique lets you use various printing options including letterpress, embossing, or soft-touch finishing. This option is much more cost-effective than offset stock and it still provides great results in terms of aesthetics.

– foil stamping & hot stamping

For this technique, you need to know that there are two types of foils available depending on which kind of ink would be suitable for the application. Gold and silver are the most commonly used metallic foils and special spot color prints can be applied as well. Metallic finishes add a luxurious touch to the product and they catch people’s attention exceptionally well so consider adding them for your next project.

– metallic cardstocks

These mettalic cardstocks are without a doubt the coolest type of paper you can use to make custom cosmetic packaging. These premium finishes come in several colors and they are perfect for embossing, letterpress, UV printing, hot stamping, or even foil stamping. You can also laminate them to get extra protection for your designs.


It’s easy to make your custom cosmetic packaging. If you have a little bit of creativity and some basic materials, you can design the perfect package for your products – one that reflects both your brand identity and product quality. We hope these ideas inspire you to create a truly unique cosmetics container or box.

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