The top Makeup looks in 2021

Makeup Looks – New research tells us that makeup boosts the self-esteem of women. Make-up makes women feel more beautiful and confident when enhances their positive emotions.

The “ lipstick effect” is a psychological phenomenon that states that women are prone to buy cosmetic products in the economic downturn. Wearing makeup could also enhance your cognitive abilities and improve academic performance.

Ahead we have shared the best makeup looks of 2021. If you are a makeup enthusiast, you are going to try out all our makeup looks.


Makeup look ideas 

There is hardly any woman who wants to leave her home without using a little makeup on her face. Even the women who do not like to put much make-up prefer to use have a no-makeup look by using neutral shades.

Women who want to be noticeable no matter where they go put on make-up to look attractive and get the attention they want.

From dating to finding jobs, women who look attractive get better chances. They are favored over the ones who do not put much make-up in every walk of life.

Do you know?

Women who put make-up on their faces have a higher potential of getting a promotion.

Yes, that is true.

We are not saying that natural beauty is not appreciated. You can enhance your natural features by blending the foundation and countering your face.

Tired eye bags and skin tone discolorations, blemishes, and dark spots make you look pale and tired. You can fully cover your acne and dark spots by using a foundation.

Even if you don’t want to wear makeup every day, you can use a foundation to hide your blemishes and make your skin look even.

Science-backed make-up facts 

  • Lipstick- Red lipstick makes you appear confident and enhances your self-esteem. If you are having a bad try, try putting red lipstick on and you’d feel good about yourself. Red lipstick boosts your mood and makes you look attractive. Studies show that people find women wearing red lipstick more attractive than the ones who wear neutral shades.
  • Eye makeup- Studies suggest that women who add color to their eyes look more beautiful. They are about to highlight their eye features by using eyeliner, eye mascara, and eye shadow. Make-up allows you to enhance the size of your eyes. You can make your eye size appear bigger and look younger.
  • Blush- Adding a little tint of pink to your cheeks makes you appear young and attractive. You get to have glowing skin closer to the natural look.

Wedding Make-up 

Every bride would want to look the best on her wedding day. If you choose the right wedding make-up look for yourself on your wedding day, you are surely going to be the epitome of beauty on your big day.

Looking back on the pictures of your wedding day, you want to feel glad that you chose the right make-up look for yourself.

  • To prevent smudges and spillages on your wedding dress, make sure that you wear your wedding dress after completing your make-up.
  • Don’t forget to use the primer before applying the foundation. The primer hides the pores and makes your skin look smooth.
  • Choose the foundation carefully. Make sure that it matches your skin tone.
  • You can conceal your dark circles and dark spots with a dark color concealer.
  • To let the foundation set on your face, dust your face off with

Eye makeup looks 

Your eyes speak a thousand words. Our eyes are mirrors to our souls. They do all the talking before we even utter a word.

 Nowadays, all of us must wear face masks. They cover our faces but not our eyes. Therefore, the focus in 2021 is going to be on the eyes. The use of bold colors, tons of mascara and eyeliner is going to be the in thing in 2021.

If you want to experiment with your eye makeup, you should get your hands on an eye shadow palette. Also, invest in a black eyeliner and mascara.

Women are investing in water-proof eyeliners and mascaras with the increase in the trend of wearing masks. They are able to enhance their eyes to express themselves while wearing the face mask.

Blue make-up looks 

If you want to glam up your make-up routine, add a touch of blue color to it. Take out your blue eye shadow, blue eye liner and blue mascara.

Make your eyes look attractive and beautiful with blue make-up look. You can try different shades of blue when it comes to the eye shadow or you can stick to one color.

If you are looking for adding a touch of glamour to your blue make-up look. Try using different blue eye shadows. You can apply black or blue eye liner with the blue eye shadow.

To add a little dimension and sparkle to your eyes, you can add blue glitter to your eye shadow. This is going to allow you to enhance your eyes. Your eyes are going to become the centerpiece of your face. You’d get all the attention you want no matter where you go wearing the blue makeup look.

Pink make-up looks

Whether you have a baby pink dress in your closet or a fuchsia color dress, you would want to wear a pink make-up look with it. Check out our inspiring pink makeup looks that would glam up your look.

If hot pink is too loud for you then how about a light shimmery baby pink color for your eyes? Compliment your pink make-up look with long eye lashing and a dramatic eye liner.

Match your lip color and your blush with your pink eye make-up look. Make your cheeks look glowing and healthy by applying rosy blush on.

If you love smoky eyes with a touch of pink eye shadow, you don’t need to use the blade eye shadow. Bring out the natural rosy glow of your cheeks by putting a glowing pink highlighter.

Purple make-up looks 

If purple is your favorite color, get your hands on the purple eye shadow palette. Wear the purple eye shadow to parties, dinners and social gatherings.

People are going to look at you and give you the attention you deserve. Purple make-up look is going to make you appear glamorous and attractive.

We see a lot of celebrities using purple make-up look. They carry the look really well. You can either choose to wear the purple make-up look with a purple dress or you can wear a black color dress with it.

Red make-up look

Red is a bold color which is perfect for women who wants to look attractive and courageous. If you want to make a fashion statement with a memorable color, red is the color you need to choose.

Every bold and confident women possesses a red dress in her closet. If you are unsure about how to make the dress even more appealing you need to check out our red makeup looks.

Glam up your look with a tiny glint of shimmer on your cheeks with a highlighter. Apply a rosy blush on your cheeks and a red color lipstick on your lips. You can also put a nude lipstick with your red dress.

You can experiment with your eye make-up by making it shimmery with a pink shimmery eye shadow. The key is to keep the right balance to look pretty in a red dress with red make-up. Either choose to use a bold lip color, or choose to have a bold eye makeup.

You’d look unimpressive and unattractive if you wear a red lipstick with a red eye shadow. If you want people to drivel over your make-up look,

70’s inspired make-up look

The 70’s was an era when exploring bold and bright eye shadows was a fashion statement. It was an era which focused on glowing and dewy skin and dramatic eyes.

History is always repeating itself. You now see the 70’s inspired make-up look on your news feed everyday.

The 70’s inspired make-up look is all about making the skin look natural and glowing. There are a wide variety of highlighters offered by top-notch brands that gives your skin a lasting and glowing finish.

The 70’s look is incomplete without the shine and shimmer.

Summer glow make-up look

Brighten up your face by using the summer glow makeup look. For getting the summer glow make-up look, less is always more.

Yes, you don’t need to apply a heavy base or a red lipstick to get the look. All you can do is use a bb cream or a light weight foundation. Blend the foundation or the bb cream well on your skin to make the skin tone even.

Put a peach or neutral color lipstick and add a touch of pink color to your cheeks. The summer glow make-up look is ready.

To complete the summer look, you need to make sure that you brighten up your eyes. You don’t want the dark circles to look prominent in the sun. Hence, use a concealer to hide the dark circles away.

Use a lip stain instead of using a sticky lip gloss to complete your summer glow make-up look.

Natural makeup looks 

If you want to get the natural makeup looks, we have the right make-up hacks for you. You don’t need to put a lot of make-up to get this look. However, you need to use the makeup products in the right way to get this look.

Yes, it is ironic that you want the natural make-up look by using makeup. But you are not someone who does not dislike makeup. You just want your skin to appear natural and glowing.

Hydrate your skin by applying a good quality moisturizer. Always use the primer even if you are going for the natural look. The primer is going to hide the pores of your skin and make it appear smooth.

You can allow your skin to shine through by using a light weight foundation or a bb cream. It is going to add a touch of shine to your skin while hiding the imperfections.

Add a little shimmer to your cheeks by using a highlighter. It is going to make your look dewy. Dewy make-up look is the inn thing in 2021. You see a lot of celebrities and social media influencers carrying out the dewy make-up look quite well.

Fancy glitter eyes makeup looks

Glitter is back again. It is quite trendy and it is going to remain in style in 2021 makeup look. If you like sparking and flashy makeup look, add a touch of glitter to your eye makeup.

Glitter eye shadows are available in different colors. You can either choose to put the glitter separately or buy glitter eye shadows to get the look.

You have to balance out the look of your face by using a light color lipstick. Don’t overdo your cheeks if you are putting glitter on your eyes.

Amazing smoky eye look

We have the amazing smoky eye look ideas for you. If you are someone who wants to carry the smoky eye look, we have got all the inspiration for you.

Check out our collection of smoky eye makeup look ideas. You just need a little practice to get the smoky eye look. Use the color black on the edges and brown in the middle on the eye lid. Blend the colrs well till you get the desired results.

Halloween makeup looks 

If you don’t want to wear an elaborative dress on the Halloween, you can still carry the Halloween make-up look by trying these makeup looks.

Halloween is the occasion when you are able to carry out a scary makeup look in a fashionable way. Nobody is going to look at you and think that you are insane. You can try out your special effect makeup looks on this day.

We have got all the Halloween makeup looks you need to look scary and glamorous at the same time.

Tips for choosing the Wedding makeup artist for your big day 

It is quite nerve-breaking to put in hands your beauty on your big day. Therefore, you have to be really careful about choosing the wedding makeup artist on your big day.

Do your research 

Are you looking for a wedding make-up artist for your big day? Try finding customer reviews by searching for the best wedding makeup artists on Google. People give genuine reviews on the internet. You can find heart-felting reviews on facebook and instagram about the best make-up artists.

All the popular makeup artists have their social media pages. They allow customers to write about their personal experience. You can get access to all the latest information by following them on their social media page.

Looking for genuine customer reviews before choosing the wedding make-up artist for yourself is a good idea to get all the information you need before making your decision.

According to fortune business insights The global makeup market size was USD 43.82 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 63.73 billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.9% during the forecast period.

Find someone who speaks your make-up style 

Different make-up artists have different make-up styles. If you are someone who does not put much makeup on a daily basis, you’d want to choose someone who does not do loud and bold make-up..

You don’t want to look overdone on your big day. Only if you choose a make-up artist who does light and neutral make-up you’d feel comfortable on your day. Moreover, only the artist who matches up with your style is going to understand what kind of make-up look you want.

You don’t want to end up hiring a make-up artist who does too heavy make-up. It is going to spoil your big day. That is something you’d want to completely avoid.

Consider the products they use

When you are about to decide the make-up artist for your wedding day, make sure that you check the products they use.

Every makeup artist has his own makeup collection. If you are particular about using branded makeup on a daily basis, you should go for a makeup artist who has a good collection of branded make-up.

The quality of the product tells you a lot about the kind of work you can expect from your make-up artists. If he uses a low quality make-up collection, you are going to get low results.

Always check the products your make-up artists are using.

Keep hygiene and sanitation into consideration  

Keeping the current coronavirus situation in mind, it is important to look at the hygiene and sanitation of the saloon of the make-up artist you choose.

Make sure that their brushes are clean and they don’t double dip their brushes. Moreover make sure that they use a new and disposable beauty blender on your face.

Make sure that all the staff members of the parlour are wearing their face masks and they have kept the sanitizer handy. You don’t want to risk catching COVID-19 by neglecting the hygiene and sanitation condition of the saloon of the makeup artist you choose on your wedding day.


You don’t need more reasons to try out the different makeup looks to look beautiful and attractive. Every women wants to look the best everyday. Make-up allows her to increase her confidence and look prettier everyday.

We have complied all the best of the best makeup looks for you. You are surely going to find them helpful if you are here to look for attractive makeup looks.

Try these makeup looks out and look beautiful.

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