Canada Visa Help Desk and Customer Support

The State Department issues Canada visas through its Embassy in Ottawa and six consulates throughout the country. If you need to obtain a visa for Canada, you can use the links below to get more information. Using these resources will make the entire process go smoothly and save you time and money.


Before you call a customer service number, you should be prepared to spend some time on hold. It is best to record your call details and take a note of the information that was given. You can also ask for the agent to email you the information that you requested. When calling a customer service number, be aware that agents are different from immigration officers. They do not make the final decision on your application.

In the event that you need to contact a CANADA VISA HELP DESK AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT representative about an application for a visa and CANADA VISA ELIGIBILITY, you should try to contact the IRCC Customer Service Number. This number is located outside Canada, and you can contact them if you are unsure of the visa process. The company can give you information about their services and process.

Contacting an immigration agent

When contacting a Canada visa help desk or customer support service, you should expect to spend some time on hold. To reduce your time waiting on hold, you should take note of the information you’ll be asked. If possible, ask the representative to email you the information you request. Keep in mind that immigration agents are not immigration officers, and will not make final decisions regarding your application.

The IRCC has a call center for applicants in Canada, but it is not recommended you call if you live outside of Canada. Call centre agents will decline to answer your questions if they suspect that you are calling from an overseas location. Instead, you should send an email to the IRCC to request help or find out the processing time.

If you can’t reach an immigration agent, you can always contact the State Department. They issue Canada visas from their embassy in Ottawa and six consulates throughout Canada. Visit the State Department’s website to find contact information for each of these offices. You can also try visiting the consulate’s help desk.

State Department issues visas from the Embassy in Ottawa

The Embassy in Ottawa is a branch of the State Department that issues visas for people who wish to visit Canada. The embassy’s phone lines are open from 9 am to 12 pm Monday to Friday. If you wish to apply by mail, you must send the application to the Embassy in registered mail. You must pay a fee of $15 to obtain a Canada visa, and the application will be returned to you.

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