Tutorial For Vampire Makeup

Today I’m going to guide you on how to paint this creepy doll face mask from the movie ‘The Strangers’. You can leave out the edges of the mask if you want to incorporate this into a creepy doll costume or you can alter the features on the mask. I’ll tell you how to do a plain mask, and then I’ll add a little bit of blood. Let’s get started! Alright, I’m going to start off this tutorial by… diverting all of my attention to Netflix, because all I did while I painted was watch ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ or Vampire names–so just know that every time I’m looking up, it’s because I’m watching Buffy.

Once the interesting scenes are over, I’m going to take a glue stick and work it into my hairs by going against my eyebrow. I’m then going to go in the direction of my hair and I’m going to use a brush to flatten them all out. You’re going to be doing this in layers, so you’re going to also use a translucent (or white) powder and layer that on top of the glue every time. Basically, just repeat this process until you get sick of it. I’m going to blend this in by using my regular concealer and I’m going to blend that into the rest of my face with a sponge.

Then, I’m setting the entire thing with translucent powder again. We’re going to lightly sketch out the edge of the mask with a brown eye shadow. Then, using a sponge, I’m filling that entire area with white body paint. I’m going to trace around the outside of the mask a few times, and each time I’m going to make the line a little bit thinner and I’m also going to use a darker eyeshadow. So each time that I’m tracing it, I’m using a little bit of a darker shade than I did before (until I get to the shade black) and when I use the black eyeshadow I’m going to make it a very thin line and I’m also going to drag that out more at the bottom of my face because the shadow would fall farther on your chin. You can also try this look for the Demon names character.

For the bottoms of the eyes I’m using grey body paint and I’m making a line that is slightly thicker than the width of my eye. To make the other line symmetrical, you can use reference points. So I’m using the handle to mark the outer and inner edges of my eye as well as check that it is level with about the top of my earlobe. For the shape itself, I’m kind of making an elongated oval. I’m dragging that into the inner corner of my eye, up above my eyebrow, and then back around the other side. It doesn’t have to be exactly this shape, just make sure that both of your eyes are symmetrical as possible.

When trying to get them to match, you’ll probably have to go over them a few times, so you’ll end up with thicker lines like this. So we’re going to take a wet brush, just plain water, and we’re going to blend out the inside of that gray line. You just want to keep blending until that outside line is very thin and even all the way around. The only exception is the part over eyebrows– you don’t have to worry about that because we’re going to be painting over that with black paint.

Starting at the eyelid, I’m using black body paint to fill in the pupil. I’m bringing it all the way to the top of the shape and then you want the pupil to kind of follow the shape of the eye that you painted out without touching that gray paint. You want these lines to be as clean as possible, so make sure you take your time on the edges. Repeat the same process on the other eye, and you can go back to the first eye and adjust it until they look even.

Using a detail brush and black body paint, I’m drawing in the new eyelid–or the eyeliner for the new eyelid. You want this to taper off, or get skinnier until it meets that gray line. I’m just using single brush strokes to add on a few curved eyelashes. I want them to get a little bit thicker and longer in the middle and then taper off and get smaller until I get to the end of that eyeliner. Once you’re done mapping them out, you can go back, clean up your lines, and fill in gaps.

The eyebrows are super simple; they’re just little curved light brown lines. I’m using a gray eyeshadow and working that into the corner of my smile. I’m taking a peach blush and I’m applying it to the outer, lower corner of the mask, almost level with my mouth. Then I’m going back in with more of a rosy shade and applying it a little bit higher than that. Just make sure that the blush is not underneath the eye and that is more to the side.

Take that same peach shade and apply it to just the bridge of your nose. Make sure you do not apply it to the tip of your nose! Using a smaller brush, I’m going to blend this into the inner edges of the eyes. Then you can use a gray eyeshadow and make a very faint line across the tip of your nose. You basically want to give the appearance of a button nose. If you already have one then you don’t have to worry about this, but I don’t. Using a flat brush and a darker shade of grey, I’m just going in and accentuating the outer line of my mouth. Using a very thin brush, I’m adding eyeliner to our painted-on line. Using a sponge, I’m applying white body paint to just the outer corners of my mouth.

We’re going to make a very thin black line connecting the grey line that I made earlier to the corner of the mouth. You don’t want this line to be too curved– keep it kind of straight and cap it off with an arrow shape. We don’t want the line to disappear when we close our mouth, so I’m going to add a thicker black line on the inside of my lips. We’re going to fill in the lips with red body paint (or you can use red lipstick). The top lip is kind of the top of a heart shape, and the bottom lip will be more of a half-circle.

That is the full process for the mask on its own! You can just let down your hair or pair it with a wig and a costume and you’re good! However, if that is not creepy enough for you, you can use either fake blood or red body paint (like I did). I just watered it down, applied it to this brush, and run your thumb across the bristles facing towards your mask. You can see here how watery I had to make the paint to make it splatter. And I think that is about as creepy as this gets, so that’s the end of this tutorial.

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