How to clean Tv screen? Is the screen cleaner are suitable for screen?

You will wonder that it is easy to clean the Tv screen. You can use the Windex to clean the Tv screen. But you should not use the Tv screen with Windex. We are here to tell you How to clean Tv screen.

Here the question lies that if we should not use the Windex then what we should use instead of the Windex? Here is the answer to your question.

It might be easy to use the Windex but the modern HDTVs having some kind of special coating on their surfaces. So, the strong cleansers can damage the screen of your Tv.

After that, Here are some sampling methods and author’s manuals that will help you to choose your authors’ manual and you can choose your way to clean the screen.

In addition, As the screens of Different TVs are different and these screens have different ways to clean it.


How to clean Tv screen of the LG:

 screen of the LG | |

LG’s screens can be cleaned only with the help of the dry cloth. While you are cleaning, make sure to unplug the power and clean gently with the soft piece of cloth to prevent scratching.

Try to avoid the spray the liquid directly or water on the Tv screen. Because there are chances of occurring the electrical shock. Try not to use chemicals like thinner or alcohol etc.

How to clean Tv screen of Panasonic:

 Panasonic | |

In this, the front display of the Tv screen should be treated specially. You can only clean the screen panel with the help of cleaning cloth or a soft cloth.

If you find your Tv screen unclean or find some dust on it then you can use the dish soap. You can use the 1 part of the liquid dish soap and then use ten times to add water in it.

Then you can use the liquid to clean the screen. Make sure to use it gently on the surface of the screen to remove the excess dust and water with the help of a dry and soft cloth.

Moreover, try not to use other chemicals like thinner and insect spray or other kinds of sprays or chemicals it can because of damage.

How to clean Tv screen of Samsung:

Tv screen of Samsung | Styleeon

How to clean Tv screen of Samsung, You can clean the Samsung screen as well but there are more chances of getting scratch to the screen during cleaning. Make it sure that the wipe outer panel and screen very carefully.

You can use the cloth or wipes to prevent scratches and dust. Moreover, do not use the water or other kinds of sprays directly to the screen of the product.

So, Any kind of liquid can damage the product or it may cause the failure too. Failure can be the wire, system, or electric shock.

Moreover, simply apply a little amount of water on the piece of cloth or soft wipe and then use that piece of cloth to remove the dust on the screen.

Therefore, I used to say that try not to use the other chemicals like the benzene or flammable chemical liquids or thinner or even a cleaning spray.

As I mentioned before that these products can harm your Tv screen.

How to clean Tv screen of Sony:

 screen of Sony | |

In addition, Here is a simple and decent way to clean the Sony Tv screen.

You can clean the LCD screen softly or gently with the help of cloth (soft) or a wipe.

However, when you find that there is stubborn dust that is not removing with the help of cloth simply. Then you can use mild soap and a little warm water.

This will help you clean the screen without damaging it. If you are using the cloth which has been pretreated by the chemical then make it sure you have read the instruction.

These instructions will help you to know that it will be harmful or not for the screen. As I said before never try to apply water directly on the screen.

It does not matter which kind of screen it is. It can because of the interior or exterior damage or some kind of failure of the product.

How to clean Tv screen of Toshiba :

Tv screen of Toshiba | |

However, As other instructions, you can only clean this kind of screen with the help of the dry and soft cloth. Softly apply the wipe to the screen panel surface to make it clean and dirt free.

A soft cloth can be cotton and flannel etc. If you are using the hard cloth then it will damage your screen or cause of scratches.

Above all, Make sure you are avoiding the alcohol, thinner, acids or chemicals, or benzene. As you know that this kind of stuff can damage the screen.

Important Precautions

After knowing the answer to your question How to clean Tv screen. I will provide you some important precautions that are necessary while cleaning your Tv screen.

1.      Firstly, turn off your Tv and give it time to cool down. It might take a few minutes to become cool down.

2.      Secondly, it’s time to clean the panel surface or screen. You just need to get the soft piece of cloth or a wipe to clean it. Try to use the cloth to clean the screen as softly as possible.

3.      Thirdly, As you know Tv screens are soft if you will use the hard cloth or press hardly then it will be damaged.

4.      After that, Make sure you are not using the water or any kind of chemical stuff on the screen directly. Try to apply on cloth and then apply if needed.

5.      After that, you have cleaned the Tv screen you have to plug it back. But you can plug it back when it completely dry and ready to plug in back.

Similarly, You will probably be thinking that why we are not recommending you to use the Windex. You can find a lot of the cleaning kit or chemicals or most of the things.

But the owner of the Tv screens is recommending us not to use the other kinds of stuff to clean the screen. Moreover, The experts are recommending us to clean with a simple soft cloth and simple water.

Why not use the screen cleaner?

You have been probably thinking that why we should not use the Windex. You will get the answer to your question while reading the article.

However, the regular Windex is made for the glass windows or other few surfaces. These screen cleaners contain chemicals or alcohol or ammonia.

In addition, And alcohol and ammonia are not good for the screen. This kind of stuff can damage your expensive product and may cause failure.

Try not to use the screen cleaner which contains the different chemicals as well because these are harmful to the product. It will cause of damaging the wires and electric shock.

Above all, The experts say that try not to use the Windex on HDTV’s if you want to keep them undamaged. They recommend using other screen stuff.

Can we use the Anti damage screen cleaner?

There are other screen cleansers which are clearly instructed that these are not containing the alcohol and ammonia. Moreover, these are better screen cleanser.

However, This kind of screen cleaner can solve your question that How to clean Tv screen. if they are clearly instructed that these can be used on the HDTV screens.

If you have research on the internet and count the companies that are making the HDTV screen cleaners then you will find the Eleventh billion companies.

Moreover, you will find that these companies are using 99 % of water and 1% of the special stuff that may use specifically. Some of the screen cleaners are good.

They are also having the soft cloth with them and these screen cleaners are specifically instructed that these are used for the laptop screen, mobile screen, etc. So, now you will be able to tell the answer to How to clean Tv screen.


In conclusion, We have discussed How to clean Tv screen. when it comes to the Screens these screens are expensive and fragile.

Above all, These HDTV’s screens are very expensive and these are only cleaned with water applying on clean and soft cloth and this will not harmful to the screen.

Companies advise them not to use a screen cleaner. In other words, Avoid the cleansers which are having the ammonia and alcohol.

Therefore, I will advise you not to use any screen cleaner just use the wipe or a cleaned soft piece of cloth and use this to the screen. Moreover, you can use the water on the cloth.

You may find the cleaning Tv screen very easy. You will find it very easy while you are using the piece of cloth to clean. Above all, Companies are providing you the anti ammonia and alcohol screen cleaner.

Moreover, These are available to the market. You can buy them easily and use them on the screen too. Similarly, How to clean Tv screen can be solved by these products. These are a little bit expensive and these are free from damaging your Tv screens.

 Feel free to use these products if these are instructing that these are ammonia and alcohol-free. Make sure you have read the instruction before using any screen cleaner.

I hope these instructions will be helpful for you.

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