Royale Touche laminate advantages that make it perfect for commercial use

Decorative laminates are available in a vast array of actual wood effects at a much lower price. You can easily find laminate flooring that fits your budget. Additionally, this flooring is in great demand for office spaces. Compared to engineered or solid wood flooring, they offer far superior water resistance and are simple to maintain.

Decorative laminates come in countless textures, patterns, colours, and designs. The production of laminates guarantees the product’s durability and offers a wide range of advantages. Durability, ease of maintenance, a natural aesthetic appeal, and a wide range of applications are some of the main advantages of employing laminates as a surfacing material.

Melamine, plywood, wood, wood veneer, and decorative papers are among the materials used to create laminates. The general production process for laminate sheets comprises creating a building material of multiple layers by glueing the layers together using a mix of adhesives, pressure, or heating. The final product is durable, easy to maintain and clean, stain-resistant, and resistant to dents and scratches. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their innumerable designs, patterns, and colours. They are an affordable yet stylish option for commercial settings.

Low maintenance

One of the key factors contributing to laminate’s appeal is that it requires little care and repels stains. Without having to worry about scratches, stains, or following a more rigorous maintenance schedule, you just need to wipe the surface for dust once in a while. By doing this, you avoid having to spend money on cleaning supplies and periodic surface renewal, as you would with alternatives like paint.

A wide range of applications

There is no shortage of things you can accomplish with the laminate catalogue, from commercial to home use. The material is offered in a vast array of hues, patterns, and textures, so there is something to suit each individual’s needs, taste, theme, or fashion. 

Easy to install

Not to mention that laminate flooring is simple to install. Most of them have a click system that makes it simple to connect laminate planks swiftly. Anyone may utilise this installation system, which is a nice feature. You don’t need to worry about finishing details with decorative laminate because it is prefinished, whereas stones and wood require finishing after application. Since they are simple to install, you can save time and money on labour. All you have to do is choose a decorative laminate design that complements the style of your home or office.


Durability is the best feature of high-pressure laminates. They are designed to withstand impact, scratching, and abrasion and to support the weight of high-pressure objects. Apart from the flooring in the home, high-pressure laminates are ideal for commercial flooring where the foot traffic is more. It cannot be disputed that routine maintenance can lengthen the life of any material. The same is true for laminate surfaces, which gain a lot from minimal care. They make sure that the furniture’s condition is preserved for a long time.

 Pocket Friendly

Consider polished concrete flooring for your commercial area as an example. The cost of the concrete alone would be significant. The labour is not even included in that. It is inexpensive to install as well as to purchase. Unlike stones, marbles, and plywood that cost an arm and a leg for installation, laminate sheets are more pocket-friendly.

Royale Touche, one of the top laminate brands in India, offers its customers the best in interior design and customer service. You can select the most suitable laminate designs with the help of our skilled interior designers. We provide a large variety of ornamental laminates for your house or place of business. We always choose interior design features that are simple to install, need little upkeep, deliver exceptional performance, and have a more appealing aesthetic.

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