Waxing Tips For Noobs

Let’s admit it! Staying hair-free and having skin as smooth as silk is a desire that keeps lingering on every woman’s mind.

Whenever we notice hair growth, grabbing a razor to get rid of them may be an easy option.

However, the cons of regularly using a razor definitely outweigh the short term results it provides. Bumps, abrasions, skin rash, nicks are part and parcel of using a razor.

Being a loyal razor user for many years, I decided to try the method recommended by top skin experts, waxing.

Trust me, the first time, each yank was equally shocking, and I wish someone gave me an anesthetic before I went under the procedure. But I never felt this smooth ever before, plus the regrowth was slow as well as finer. Above all, the regrown hair didn’t become cactus-like one day after waxing as it did with the razor use.

One thing that I didn’t know as a beginner is that you need to follow a post-waxing care regimen to get the maximum benefits after every waxing session.

You need to avoid a few things and must know the right products that can keep your freshly waxed skin smooth and trouble-free. If you, too, are a newbie in waxing, here is some useful advice for you to follow once you are done.


Use skin-soothing products

Your skin has undergone all the uprooting and yanking and is in dire need of a product that can alleviate the inflammation. Apply an anti-inflammatory product to soothe the skin. You can opt for natural aloe vera gel or an aloe-based moisturizing lotion.


Tea tree oil also has excellent soothing properties, so you can buy a gel that has tea tree extracts.

Beginners often make the mistake of going around an area multiple times to remove each and every hair. This may cause bruising. You can apply a cold compress that will provide instant relief from pain and help take away the bruising scars.


Waxing may strip your skin of its natural moisture, leaving it dry. Use light coconut oil or almond oil-based moisturizer after you step out from the shower post waxing.


Keep in mind that waxing leaves the pores open, so avoid moisturizers and oils that are too heavy. You don’t want clogged pores and ingrown hair that may form as a result of heavy moisturization.

Baby oil is another product that gives just the right amount of moisture to freshly waxed skin. The oil will also help to get rid of any residual wax on your skin.

Fend off ingrown hair

Ingrown hair, the most unwanted by-product of hair removal procedures, is when hair follicles grow and curl inside the skin, forming a painful, itchy bump. Pulling off the ingrown hair may cause bleeding and scarring, which is an additional nuisance.

Firstly, remember that good exfoliation before waxing is the key to avoid ingrown hair afterward. However, you can still avoid them by using products that inhibit ingrown hairs after you wax. Try PFB Vanish + Chromabright, as it helps brighten your skin along with tackling the unwanted ingrown hair issue.

Exfoliate at least after 24 hours

For the best results in terms of smooth, bump-free skin, exfoliate after a day you wax. It will prevent the ingrown hair from forming and remove the dead skin layer, revealing the skin that is smooth and glowing.

You can use two methods to remove dead skin. Either opt for an exfoliant scrub or DIY remedies like coffee scrubs, sugar, and oil. Or, you can use tools for exfoliation such as dry brushing, exfoliation gloves, or a loofah.

I personally recommend using a dry brush before having a bath. Not only this method is the cheapest and the most effective of all, but it also improves blood circulation, aids lymphatic drainage, and improves skin appearance by reducing cellulite.

Avoid sun exposure

Sun is not good for you if you have just waxed. The rays may harm your delicate skin, leaving it irritated and inflamed. If you are stepping out during the day, wear clothes that cover your skin properly. Apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50 to protect your skin.

The right clothing to use after waxing

Avoid synthetic clothing and tight athleisure wear after you have waxed your skin. Use loose, breathable clothing and pure cotton fabric to avoid skin irritation and rashes. Especially, never use synthetic underwear as they may cause severe itching, sweating, and inflammation on the sensitive skin on your bikini or Thong area.

Wait for regrowth before you repeat

You can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for up to three weeks after waxing. After that, you will start noticing sight hair growth. Resist using a razor to remove that growth and patiently wait for hair to grow at least a quarter of an inch before you wax again. You can pluck a stray hair or two with a tweezer, but don’t rush with waxing until the hair grows back to the right length. 

Some natural remedies for smooth skin after waxing

If you are a girl that has a knack for natural remedies, there are many things you can use. Nature has hidden immense benefits in natural products for our skin. You can try using masks made with raw honey, oats, yogurt, aloe vera, and rosewater to soothe skin after waxing. The nutrients in these products will invigorate and nourish your skin, giving it a beautiful glow. They will also leave your skin soft like a baby.

Be consistent with your waxing routine

Adding regular waxing to your skincare is the best way to improve your beauty routine. If you wish to achieve lighter hair growth and the desirable skin texture, you must wax at least once every month. With time, you will notice amazing results as your skin gets used to the consistent waxing regime.


Wrapping up

There is a famous anonymous quote that says that you are nicer when your skin looks good. If you treat your skin right, you can flaunt your beautiful smooth skin with confidence.

When you start waxing regularly, there is no going back to the razor. Once you get used to it, not only the process will become less painful, but also a lot quicker than the first time. Also, as you know how to care for it afterward, you can go weeks without worrying about stubble growth, ingrown hair, and any other undesirable after effects.

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