Do you know about Three best Open-Source Help Desk Software Tools

Help desk solutions are a must for any business or business and should be one of the first things they should invest in. So, all complex processes are simplified and save a lot of time and resources, making your entire business more efficient. Hence, agents and supervisors are very reassured and supported with the help of help desk tools. Therefore, it makes their work much easier and keeps their desks tidy. If you are a small or large new business owner, help desk software is one of the first to download and invest.


What is a Help Desk platform?

The open source helpdesk system is a useful query and problem management system that keeps customers and employees up-to-date on problems and questions, from contacts to solutions. So, ticket management, support, and query management are vital aspects of a good help desk tool. Hence, problem-solving is a very important factor in customer satisfaction.

The latest help desk solutions provide support through various communication channels such as email, chat support, websites, toll-free numbers, and SMS. As you are aware, free and open source are the two most important factors that business owners and web admins look for when downloading software. So, this is economical and creates essential freedom when building a new company or website. This article describes the best free, open-source help-desk software solutions options.

Help desks have always been one of the biggest customer service challenges marketers raise. So, overall, what is customer service? The HubSpot help desk solution is a popular system that allows support teams to stay focused and structured. The following information explains how to get the most out of this software, how your team can use it, and more.

Now let us see the free and open-source Help Desk solutions.

The Top three Free and Open Source Help Desk systems are:

  1. HelpDeskZ
  2. UVdesk
  3. Faveo

Help Desk Comparative Analysis Chart

Below you can see more information about the free open source help desk solutions listed.



  • PHP-based system software
  • Grouping function
  • Bulk actions and query management
  • Personalization
  • Multilingual
  • Message and mail piping
  • Custom fields and templates
  • Knowledgebase
  • Canned responses

HelpDeskZ is a free PHP-based open-source help-desk software system with various features. So, the dashboard is very simple, stacking different features and processes on one screen. Thanks to the automated pipeline, messaging and email features are also very useful. Therefore, its multilingualism is also very useful. So, the personalization feature is very helpful for agents and supervisors because it allows you to personalize your dashboard and customize dashboard fields and message templates. So, HelpDeskZ is one of the most convenient and easy free, open-source help-desk software platforms on the market.



  • Ticket Administration
  • Task and Mail Management
  • Multi-Channel Support
  • Knowledgebase
  • Agent Performance Examination
  • Social Media Integration
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Help Desk Migration

UVdesk is supposed to be the latest help desk tool. So, it clears confusion when running a company. Seamless multi-channel support and integration with social media are superior to other help desk solutions. Managing tasks and emails is very easy and convenient for agents and supervisors. UVdesk is also mobile-enabled, so you can now manage your business on the go. It also has add-on capabilities for supervisors that allow you to explore and work with agent performance in detail. It also comes with a handy form builder app and file viewer app. UVdesk complies with all the highest standards of security protocols to avoid data breaches.

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  • SLA and Priority management
  • Responsive Design
  • Built-In Knowledgebase
  • Multilingual
  • Agent Collision Avoidance
  • Ticket Rating and Ticket Merging
  • Custom Forms and Canned Responses
  • API and In-App notifications

Faveo is another modern help desk system that integrates social media and mobile. SLA management is a very important feature of Faveo that strengthens customer-business relationships. Agents can also select preferred customers and manage them accordingly. Its huge integrated knowledge database and multilingualism create a huge database. So, agent collision avoidance is another important feature of Faveo. This is a rare feature for help desk systems. This saves the company a lot of time and resources. Hence, the seamless ticketing system has powerful features such as agent ticket merging and customer ticket valuation.


Hence, the above list is the top three free open source help desk tools on the internet, all of which are sure to make your business or company efficient and systematic. So, help desk solutions are almost essential for today’s business owners and provide efficiency and profitability. Your business can do well with a dedicated developers team as well. Therefore, there are also several premium help desk systems on the market with various advanced features.

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