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Smartphones have made life more convenient than ever before, but they can also lead to physical discomfort when you are trying to watch a show or stream a YouTube video in bed. You might wake up with pain in your shoulder or you might find your back and neck hurt. And if you keep up habits that are bad for your posture you can risk serious long-term injury.

Despite knowing this though, it is often all too easy to slip back into wanting to watch content while in bed. However, this time around you can take measures that will protect your body. What are those measures you ask? Well, it’s simple: invest in a phone stand that is suitable for the manner in which you lie down in bed while streaming your favorite content. However, believe it or not buying the right phone stand can be tricky business as you need to consider a few factors:


1.     Built and Design

An ugly phone stand can stick out like a sore thumb ruining the look of your room’s aesthetic. So you might want to go for something that suits you room either in terms of color or sleek-ness in terms of design. You should also consider going for something ergonomic as that will likely guarantee you the most comfort in terms of your posture.

2.    Quality

There are many nice looking cheap phone stands out there, but do not let those tempting ones get in the way of considering how durable the stand might actually prove to be. Often descriptions will tell you that a phone stand is flexible and can be adjusted, but more often than not when you adjust your stand a little too much it might break. And if you have pets and kids you definitely want to make sure it can withstand some gentle chewing and accidental falls.

3.    Multi-purpose

Ideally your phone stand though meant for the bed should also be able to clip on to the sofa or other tables in the home. You should also consider buying a stand that can also fit in your tablet or iPad for added convenience such as reading off a recipe or being able to talk to your loved ones using a bigger screen.

4.    Budget

There are several makers of phone stands with varying prices. It is up to you to thoroughly read the reviews of a product before purchasing it as well as looking up the return policy. Keep in mind the more expensive product is not necessarily better nor is it wise to invest in something cheap yet flimsy.

Now that we have covered some of the basics of what qualities you need to be keeping an eye out for your phone stand, we can take things a step further and ease your life by suggesting some stands you might want to consider for yourself:

1.    SHAWE Cell Phone Holder

This phone stand is very durable and its ergonomic design means it will help reduce neck and shoulder strain. Also by keeping your phone at a greater distance from you it can help reduce eye strain. Additionally this robust stand has foam on its clamps thereby protecting your phone or tablet from any damage. As for size restrictions the SHAWE Cell Phone Holder is capable of holding devices ranging from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches making it compatible with most iPhones and Samsung devices.

It can easily and securely be clipped onto tables and other pieces of furniture for ease of convenience. To make matters even better it is 360 degrees adjustable making for an ideal viewing experience irrespective of where it is clipped.

2.    Coolpow Gooseneck Lazy Neck Phone Mount

This ergonomic and well-designed phone stand can hold devices ranging between 4.5 to 6.5 inches. It allows for 360 degree rotation making it suitable for you in multiple angles. It also keeps your phone at an appropriate distance from you to prevent too much strain on your eyes. This Coolpow stand is lightweight and easily portable so you can carry it to wherever you need. It can also be worn around your neck and don’t worry because like we said it’s ergonomically designed not to mention the neck support uses an anti-slip, shockproof, breathable foam.

We warned you about weak phone stands, but we recommend this one because it is made of top quality allow plus ABS plastic which ensures its durability. So you can stream with Xfinity TV packages without hurting your body anymore.

3.    SunEegral Tablet Floor Stand and Tablet Holder

This stand can hold more than just a phone. It is suitable for larger devices, such as tablets, e-readers under 12.2 inches, that can otherwise cause some serious muscle pain if held for long periods of time. This durable stand securely holds your device and has a strong support base. It can be used on the bed, table, couch and even the floor! That means you can put it on the floor for the kids to watch their cartoons on.

Given the light weight and portable nature of this stand, it makes for a perfect choice to be used for camping or any other adventures. Perhaps you just want to go to the park and get some fresh air while talking to you friend on video call or watching a good show.

4.    Moutik Phone Holder and Bed Gooseneck

If you are seriously worried about scratches on your furniture due to the bolt clamp of this stand then let me put your fears to rest as the soft silicone base is sure to leave you furniture scratch-free. The alumimium-magenisum alloy combined with PVC also make this stand quite hardy so it can handle adjustments to itself without breaking.

This gooseneck stand is sure to ease any body aches that are the result of bad posture due to using your phone or tablet in bed.

To Summarize

There are many great options in terms of phone stands so it is highly advisable that you opt for one of these than risk muscle/joint pain and inflammation. We live in an era where everything is done using out phone and tablets so why not invest in a good, sturdy stand.

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