Picking the Right Shampoo to Get Rid Of Hair Fall Problems

Beauty enthusiasts spend a lot of time and effort in maintaining the health and glow of skin and hair. Yet, despite proper care and investing in what they think are the best products, the desired results continue to elude them. Among the most common concerns being witnessed by a vast majority of people are hair fall problems. Usually, it happens due to an unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet, stress, and lack of sleep. But insufficient or inaccurate hair care regimens also play a part in augmenting the problem.

For instance, many people slack on sticking to essentials such as oiling their hair twice a week, preferably with a blend of coconut and castor oil, to stimulate growth. Besides, not using the right shampoo or conditioner may further cause hair fall problems to mount.

If you’ve been dealing with chronic hair fall, the following tips can help alleviate your woes:


Refrain From Chemical-Based Shampoos

Generally, before purchasing a shampoo, we hardly pay attention to its formulation. That’s exactly what you need to change. Most chemical-based shampoos contain harmful additives that can deteriorate the quality of your hair.

A natural shampoo is a far better alternative for maintaining the health and quality of the tresses. These shampoos abound in the goodness of natural ingredients that work wonders for your hair health. You can also use them every day without fear of long-term damage that only makes hair fall worse.

Check the Purpose

Shampoos are typically formulated to address different hair concerns. From adding shine to your hair to enhancing volume, controlling frizz or dandruff and strengthening the tresses, most shampoos address a specific concern. The bottom line is you have to pick one that has been crafted specifically for preventing hair loss.

Look for the pH Level of the Shampoo

Generally, the sweat present on the scalp tends to mix with sebum or oil, forming a thin layer known as the acid mantle. The pH of the mantle ranges around 4.5-5.5. Besides, the hair’s acidic nature helps prevent the growth of bacteria or fungi on the hair and scalp. Moreover, this pH aids in keeping the hair cuticles healthier and intact. To maintain this balance just the way nature intended it, choose a shampoo with a pH is closer to your scalp’s to prevent any hair damage.

Look Out for Specific Ingredients

To be able to prevent hair fall, you must identify the root cause of the problem. Factors such as use of colour, chemical treatments and dandruff can weaken the hair roots and contribute to hair fall problems. Once you’ve identified the underlying cause of hair fall, look for hair care products that have ingredients which can address that specific issue. Below are a few of the most effective ingredients that your shampoo must have to stop hair fall:

  • Wintergreen-driven salicylic acid and activated charcoal for promoting hair growth and de-clogging the hair follicles
  • Ketoconazole for eliminating dandruff from the scalp
  • Mint and ginger for boosting the scalp’s blood circulation
  • Extracts of green tea along with pumpkin seed and rosemary oil for healthy hair growth


Aside from using a good quality anti-hair fall shampoo, make sure to incorporate a good conditioner in the hair care routine. It helps hydrate and nourish the tresses to make them manageable, thus reducing the incidence of hair fall. Likewise, do not forget to oil your hair to stimulate hair growth and apply a hair mask once a week to achieve beautifully flawless tresses. At the same time, eat healthy and drink enough fluids to stay well-hydrated.

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