Men’s Edgar haircuts are the newest craze. This style is best for guys with long, oval, or angular faces since it is short and crisp while yet being full of attitude.

It’s ideal for those with short hair who want to freshen up their image with a young, modern, and edgy cut, and it can also hide an uneven hairline.


1. Edgar’s Classic Haircut

For guys with short, thick hair, the Edgar haircut is ideal. It entails incorporating a high skin fade into a short Caesar cut.

The front of your hair will be trimmed to produce a straight line across your forehead by your barber. The classic Edgar haircut has an attitude and an edgy appeal because to its strongly defined lines, even though it is neat and clean.

Edgar's Classic Haircut

2. Edgar’s Wavy Haircut

While a straight Edgar looks best on straight hair, a wavy Edgar lets you show off your hair’s natural texture and gives you a more unique and interesting look.

Your hair will still be skin faded on the sides, but the top piece will be left longer to create an undercut impression. Your hair will be swept forward and clipped to form a straight line across your forehead, similar to the traditional Edgar.

Edgar's Wavy Haircut

3. Edgar’s Spiky Short Haircut

Try adding spiky texture to the top area of your hair with clay or pomade to give your Edgar cut an edgy vibe. Keep the front of your hair smooth and product-free to keep the Edgar cut’s trademark straight fringe.

Pair the short spiky Edgar haircut with a fade that is less blended to create a dramatic undercut look that attracts more attention to your hair.

Edgar's Spiky Short Haircut

4. Edgar Haircut with a Mid Fade

Pair the Edgar haircut with a mid fade for a sharper and more striking look. When viewed from the side, this creates a fascinating straight-line impression.

It’s perfect for males with medium-length straight hair who want to try something new with their style.

Edgar Haircut with a Mid Fade

5. Edgar Haircut with a High Fade

Try a high fade Edgar for a modest change of pace if you already have a high-and-tight haircut. Your barber will buzz the sides into a short, sharp high fade, as is customary.

Instead of trimming the top piece to the same length as the bottom, they’ll sweep it forward into a tiny Caesar. It will give your ultra-short cut a little more individuality by being fresh and trendy.

Edgar Haircut with a High Fade

6. Platinum Hair + Edgar Haircut

Over the last year, platinum hair has grown extremely trendy among guys. Because of its bright white hue, it not only dramatically transforms your appearance, but it also helps you stand out from the crowd.

Short haircuts like the Edgar are a wonderful option when going platinum because bleaching your hair makes it weaker. Furthermore, an Edgar haircut has an on-trend ’80s vibe because to the edgy look of platinum.

Platinum Hair + Edgar Haircut

7. Choppy Hair + Edgar Haircut

Combining textural components with sharp angles is the best way to make your hair stand out, and the Edgar haircut with choppy hair is a great illustration of this.

The barber produces texture by trimming the top area of the hair in a variety of lengths – known as a ‘choppy cut’ – while keeping the Edgar cut’s characteristic straight-line fringe. To keep the haircut looking unified, go for a taper rather than a high fade on the sides.

Choppy Hair + Edgar Haircut

8. Edgar Haircut, High And Tight

Another option for aficionados of the high-and-tight is to combine it with the Edgar haircut’s sharp lines. The high-and-tight Edgar, unlike the high fade, entails extending the straight forehead line around the head, creating a disjointed contrast with the buzzed sides. The end result is a ‘lidded’ look that draws the eye up without being too noticeable.

Edgar Haircut, High And Tight

9. Edgar Beard + Haircut

For men who wish to radically alter their appearance, growing out their beard is a fantastic alternative. A beard can add maturity to your appearance while also defining your jaw and cheekbones.

Because the Edgar hairstyle is short, sharp, and modern, it looks best with a beard that shares those traits. If you want to keep things simple, go for a short beard with a shape up or an anchor beard.

10. Haircut by Edgar Fade to Baldness

The Edgar haircut with a bald fade is a terrific choice for guys with very short hair. It creates a dramatic ‘lidded’ effect by extending the forehead ‘line’ around your head, similar to the high-and-tight Edgar.

The bald fade Edgar cut, on the other hand, is even more starkly contrasted, with the sides buzzed short and without blending into the longer top area.

This shape offers a sleek yet edgy edge, making it ideal for those who prefer athleisure or streetwear.

Haircut by Edgar Fade to Baldness


What is the name of the Edgar haircut?

The Edgar hairstyle is a short, angular cut with a lot of style. The Edgar has short sides, back, and top, as well as a high fade or undercut, akin to a Caesar. It looks best with a squared-off front and forward brushed bulk and is particularly fit for thick hair.

Who was the first to give Edgar a haircut?

The Edgar hairstyle began as a version of the Caesar cut among Mexican teenagers. Since then, it’s become a hugely popular look among Latin men.

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