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The YSL Black Opium Dossier website – The scent was introduced in 2013 as an atmospheric gothic fragrance evoking the seductive and gloomy fragrances of the late 1800s. It features blackberry and blue angelica in the top notes. Warmth and a woodsy dry-down are present in the opening, which has a sweet mandarin-orange floral centre.

Last but not least, the ysl black opium‘s base is mostly composed of sandalwood, vanilla, and labdanum as well as additional essences like incense and lilies to create a rich perfume that is both addictive and daring. The perfume’s powerful, daring style draws attention to its blend of dark, sensuous, spicy undertones. The perfume is only available online and has been released in very small quantities. It comes in a seductively designed black lacquered case with red accents.

The ysl black opium bottle is embellished with golden and silver studs, making it as much of a fashion piece as it is a fine perfume. One of the few YSL items that can only be purchased online, Ysl Black Opium is an excellent option if you want to try something new that’s adventurous and bold. The following information about ysl black opium is important to know.


Ysl Black Opium What is it?

The opium dens in China, where both men and women used to spend their evenings indulging in a carefree lifestyle, served as the inspiration for the scent. For those seeking a little respite from everything and everyone, these locations served as safe havens. The opium dens were mysterious, smoky, and artistic settings where artists could discuss anything and everything while high on the narcotic. This perfume is bolder and draws inspiration from the wild side of life, in contrast to preceding scents that were influenced by nature or tranquillity.

The fragrance is primarily inspired by the aroma of jasmine, which is widely available in Morocco and is used to create this unique fragrance. The jasmine flower surrounds you with a vanilla-like sweet, powdery aroma.

The Black Opium Dossier by YSL.

Co scent was developed by perfumer Jacques Cavallier. Along with other scents including Mon Paris and My Burberry, it was offered as a limited edition item in 2013. Only internet retailers have been able to purchase the scent.

One aspect of the ysl black opium that you should be aware of is its perfume packaging, which combines style and sexiness. It comes with a beautiful leather wrapping inside that is wrapped around the bottle itself, along with a black lacquered case with red accents.

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Who Is Appropriate for Wearing Ysl Black Opium

For women over 30, Ysl Black Opium is a sophisticated scent. Because it isn’t particularly powerful, both men and women can wear it.

The benefits of purchasing Ysl Black Opium Dossier

This is the appropriate scent for you if you’re seeking for a rich, warm, and seductive scent. Because it is less well-known and mainstream than other YSL scents, it makes a statement without being overt. Its aroma, which was inspired by the opium dens of 19th-century China and the wild side of life, is reminiscent of its era and is found in ysl black opium In general, it’s a perfume that brings to mind earlier eras and is distinct from the enticing, fresh scents that are more in vogue among young people today.

When the perfume is first sprayed, it has a powerful scent that gradually fades to a more relaxing and balanced aroma. One of its best qualities is that the aroma remains on for hours after you spritz it on your skin. This scent can be utilised in a manner similar to how the old opium dens were famous because they might provide a break from your regular routine.

What scent emanates from the Ysl Black Opium

The fragrance of ysl black opium is referred to be a seductive, sensuous perfume that is powerful and full of sensuality. The fragrance combines floral and herbal overtones with a sweet gourmand aroma. It does not, however, contain the harsh or overpowering undertones that some people may find offensive, nor is it too sweet like other fragrances. Blackberry and blue angelica are the leading notes in the ysl black opium The coffee note, which is warm but also light and smooth at the same time, will initially come to your attention as you progress through the fragrance. Vanilla, incense, rosewood, patchouli, and ambergris follow these immediately.

Other alternatives

A popular alternative to the original Ysl Black Opium scent, Ysl Black Opium Burberry was created in 2014 in association with Burberry to celebrate their relationship. The popularity of this perfume was further increased by Burberry.

The two fragrances were available in a few regions and have had tremendous popularity all over the world. Unfortunately, the perfume’s enormous popularity meant that it was quickly sold out and that there was no more inventory available a month after it was first introduced.

Limited edition Ysl Black Opium Noir Exquise was released in 2014 as an option for female customers who wanted to try something different after using Ysl Black Opium The perfume for males also gained popularity after the debut of Ysl Black Opium in 2014.

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Ingredients for

The chemicals utilised in the black opium dossier aren’t known, but some of them include bergamot, coffee, blue angelica, jasmine, and patchouli.

The fragrance has a fresh, mild, herbal perfume that is more woody than floral. This perfume gives off a warm feeling that is both reviving and seductive.


Is the ideal cologne for males.

It is OK for both men and women to wear this scent. However, you should choose it if you’re looking for a scent with strong and manly undertones.

Is it appropriate for all types of skin?

It is accessible to both sexes and is appropriate for all skin types. If you have a particular skin type, there are no specific chemicals in the perfume that would prevent you from wearing it.

Does it merit the cost?

The main selling point of the ysl black opium is the pleasant scent that lingers on your skin for hours after application. Spraying it on your skin, hair, or clothes can help you escape from your regular life because it is such a seductive perfume.


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