On The Search For A Wedding Band That “Rings” A Bell? There Are The Different Styles Of Engagement Rings In Brisbane

Wanting to pop the question but with the utmost sophistication and style? One of the most important aspects when it comes to looking for a wedding ring includes its aesthetic and design, hence why it is highly pivotal to find a band your partner will flip for. There is a vast array of engagement rings in Brisbane to choose from such as halo, pave stones, side stones, trilogy and many more. With the extensive selection of options to choose from, you can be confident that you will find an wedding band that is tailormade for your bride to be. In this article, we will be having a peruse at the incredible style options on offer with the best engagement rings in Brisbane.


Let’s have a look at the different designs you can choose from for engagement rings in Brisbane


It’s called the halo for a reason. With this heavenly setting, we can expect that that there will be a big gemstone in the middle which is bordered by a range of small stones, that give this design at bit more charm. This wedding band has become incredibly popular as a result of Princess Kate Middleton, who used the engagement rings in Brisbane on her big day. This made inspired by the princess to follow suit. I can see your halo with this wonderful option from the engagement rings in Brisbane. There is an incredible range of options to choose from with this particular style of ring making sure you feel royal yourself. If you’re ever in need of a ring that will add a touch of flair and drama to your overall look, this is the one for you.


You won’t have to feel “solitaire-y” in your relationship as you will feel linked in arms with your fiancé with these engagement rings in Brisbane. The style involves a single diamond alongside a very modest wedding band. This is the quintessential wedding band to go for as its simplistic design proves you don’t need all this extra glamour, to find the beauty in something. You will make your girlfriend leap for joy, shouting at the roof tops a big “YES!”

Pave or Side Stones

These types of settings have stones embedded on the whole wedding band with a single diamond in the middle of it. If you are looking for an extra dramatic look, pave or side stones are the best types of engagement rings in Brisbane that is sure to wow your partner. Your partner will definitely be the stunner in the room with the help of these gems.


Trilogy types of settings typically involve a single diamond in the middle with added stones that are adjacent to the diamond on both sides. These engagement rings in Brisbane are perfect for your engagement as it will unify your partnership, proving that you have the utmost affection for your love. These three stones have a long history of signifying the past, present, and future seeing the whole span in existence. There is also the symbolism of these engagement rings in Brisbane highlighting the three aspects to having a healthy relationship such as fidelity, friendship, and love.

The main takeaway

There is a huge abundance of designs to pick from these engagement rings in Brisbane. Just like finding the one, it is the same journey when choosing the ring to have for life with their partner. Ring in the new year with these engagement rings in Brisbane. Your loved one will definitely say yes with these incredible styles.

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