What is difference between strip lashes vs eyelash extension

There might be a lot of different ways to boost your original eyelashes. However, it is easy to say but it might be a very difficult task to do. What if you can not enhance your real eyelashes then it might look like original eyelashes. We have tried a lot to get knowledge about strip lashes and eyelash extension; it is all up to you which you will choose for yourself.

Here is each and everything that is required to make decisions for you.


Eyelash extension:

Eyelash extension:
Eyelash extension:

When you see a person with lashes then you might think that you should have them there is a lot of eyelash extension that make you look more beautiful and enhance your beauty. Eyelash extensions are individual fibers that can be applied to your own eyelashes by any professional or in any salon. If your salon provides this beauty treatment, eyelash extension insurance by multiquotetime will help instil extra confidence in your select clientele.

Moreover, it might help to grow your original eyelashes. When your own lashes are grown enough then you can remove them without any problem. As you might know that these eyelash extensions require salon maintenance regularly. You need to go to the salon after three weeks to change your eyelashes. There is a lot of difference between strip lashes and eyelash extensions. To know more fact about the eyelash extension you need to keep reading our article:

Pros & Cons:

  • These eyelash extensions having 100 to 550$ cost when you are on the initial application without including the tip. As I have mentioned above that you need to keep it maintained every three to four weeks it will contain the cost 55 to 65$ without tip. Moreover, if you want your eyelash extension as thick as it was applied or enhanced then you might need to go for maintenance sooner instead of going after three to four weeks. This also depends on how fast your eyelashes are growing or when your eyelashes are started to falling out by themselves.
  • You might know that an eyelash comes out in various materials. Some of them are synthetic, silk as well as faux mink. These are the most famous but one of them which have more demand is faux mink. Moreover, these are very light in weight, and also remain last long. These also contain the highest price tag when we talk about the full set. When we look at the year’s worth it is 1500 to 2000$ without including tip. I think that this is more than enough money to spend on lashes.
More information:
  • The worst thing ever is that you need to avoid using water for the first twenty-four hours after appliance or even after maintenance. If you use water then it might damage the natural eyelashes and can make the bond week during this time. So, if you are spending money then you might need to avoid water.
  • Moreover, these can hurt or damage your eyelashes. I am not sure that this can be true because there is not any kind of report that proves this theory right. However, there are some users which have reported that they got some kind of allergy and damage because they did not apply well or it contained formaldehyde. You need to know when you are applying the eyelash it may not contain formaldehyde. This might not good for your eyelashes, and for eyes as well as the area surrounding them.
  • The eyelashes stay on 24 hours when they are applied these will have a permanent fixture on your face. It means that you need to avoid getting hyper and also itching your eyes. It might possible that your lashes may fall out. You need to be careful in this matter so that you might save your money by wasting it

Strip lashes:

Strip lashes:

Strip lashes are attached to a fabric band. This just amazingly attached with the skin just above your lash line. Strip lashes are removable and can be placed again when you want to apply. Strip lashes can be applied as false lashes like it can be done with the glue on or with stick on. Moreover, you don’t need to go to the salon to put the strip lashes on as you do with eyelash extension. You can apply your strip eyelash at home and can easily remove it at home. You can get the strip lashes at ashleykennedy.com

For more information keep reading the article.

Pros & Cons:

  • I would love to tell you that strip lashes are budget-friendly you can easily buy these. Moreover, you can spend a lot of money on strip lashes because these have many styles and qualities that can be affordable. You can easily afford them like these can be 10 to 60$ for a pair of strip lashes. Moreover, you need to know that these can be applicable after using these. Or these can make the average cost per wear is 0.50$ to 3$ per wear.
  •  Strip can last for long. These are not only applicable for twelve hours per application but these can be removed and then again applied, and can be used up to two weeks or seventeen times per pair. It means that two pairs can be last you long for two months. For about 50$ you can get lashes for four weeks.
  • Strip lashes are easy to use. It will take only five to six minutes to apply strip lashes. The way to apply these is very simple and easy. You can also watch the tutorial on the site which I have mentioned in this article. However, you just need to trim the eyelashes and then just apply glue on them, and then you need to apply them on the top of the lashes. Removing the eyelashes is also simple as well. You need to remove the upper side of the lash gently and then hold the inner side.  
  • There is no time to wait up for the strip lashes. You can easily remove or reapply, and you also don’t need to wait for the glue to set up. Moreover, the quality of the lashes is handmade.


In conclusion, I would say that the strip lashes are much better than the eyelash extension. You can choose for yourself which is better for yourself.  You can check out the strip lashes on ashleykennedy.com. Moreover, it all up to you those which of these you want to apply. I prefer to get the strip lashes because these are easy to buy and easy to apply as well.

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