Putting Together Your Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is all about having items of clothing that you love and are stylish. However, just like any wardrobe, there is room for items that you don’t enjoy and look good on you, as well. It does not need to be the latest trendiest selections, it’s always about finding items of clothing that have a good fit, are fashionable, and can be replaced easily when they are no longer stylish.

For example, you might have a capsule wardrobe that is full of nice stylish tops and jeans. However, when you get dressed for work or a special event, these items will have a tendency to make you stick out in a negative way. Rather than dressing up your entire wardrobe, why not just mix and match items from different seasons? Instead of wearing a skirt from last summer that looks very good on you now, you can wear a skirt that was in style last summer, with some fun accessories on top. By mixing and matching, you can keep your fashion style fresh while having room for items in your closet that will help you feel and look great.

Another way that your capsule wardrobe can stay contemporary is to pair it with other items of clothing that also have a high degree of fashion. For instance, instead of always opting for the same dress that you have in black, have an outfit in neutral colors. By doing so, you can really create the illusion that your clothes are from different seasons. Neutral clothes in neutral shades are ideal for capsule wardrobes. Pair one summer dress with a pair of shorts in a neutral blue. This will create the illusion that both items of clothing belong to the fall season.

Another way to bring a capsule wardrobe together is to make use of complementary colors. This is even more important if you have an office full of people whose personalities may clash. One way to solve this problem is to buy several items of clothing that have similar design details but in different colors. The key to making a nice color scheme is to choose neutral-colored pieces that work well together. You can mix a white shirt with a brown pair of pants. You can even have a light blue blouse with a nice gray jacket or a brown cardigan.

When you’re working with limited space, you’ll definitely want to maximize your capsule wardrobe. Try buying just enough items to complement your current wardrobe, but not so many that it’s overwhelming. Keep in mind that having too many items can actually be bad for your closet, so stick to only the timeless items.

Another thing that people often don’t think about when they try to put together a capsule wardrobe is the need to match their outfits. When you always have the same items, it can seem like you never move anywhere, since you always have the same basics. When you’re constantly wearing the same basic pieces, you tend to lose your uniqueness and start looking boring. To avoid this, pick colors and combinations that represent your unique personality. For example, if you’re a woman who loves loud colors, try picking light pastels and pastel striped shirts, v-necks, and other accessories that will set off the bright color tones.

Think of your capsule wardrobe as an investment in your looks. The investment doesn’t have to seem overwhelming, but be sure that the pieces you select are truly unique and never go out of style. The clothes you wear should always reflect your personal style, and you’ll feel much more comfortable if you know the basics of how to accessorize your outfits.

As you put together your capsule wardrobe, remember to have fun. Pick pieces that you really love, and which you think are the most interesting. If you don’t know what to put together, browse through current fashion magazines, encyclopedias, and online stores to see what is in at the moment. Don’t limit yourself to wearing the same old brands that everyone else is wearing; you may be surprised to find that there are many other cool and interesting options available. And remember that a little bit of extra creativity can go a long way when it comes to putting together your capsule wardrobe.

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