On-trend Trends for Women’s Outfits in 2022

As we enter into the new year, it can be fun to take a look at fashion trends that might be hitting the runway and the streets of 2022.

Let’s get our crystal ball out, and take a look at how the fashion world might develop over the next few years…



An outfit is only as good as its foundation, and that’s why a wardrobe staple like a trench coat will always have a place in fashionable women’s outfits.

In 2022, some trends include aviator-style jackets that can be worn in both overcoats and dresses. Layering is key to great outerwear fashion; be sure to wear one with a fitted sweater or blouse underneath so it doesn’t just look like you’re wearing an oversized poncho.

Alternatively, you could wear an open trench with an elegant evening gown.

Evening wear: You don’t want to look exactly like everyone else at your black-tie event!


High heels will come back into fashion, but only when they’re paired with more modest outfits.

They’ll be worn as accessories instead of being paired with short skirts and sleeveless tops.

If a woman wears high heels, she better make sure her legs and arms are covered to at least knee-length and elbow-lengthth respectively.

The highest heels will be reserved solely for formal occasions such as job interviews, awards ceremonies, and nights out on date nights (with one’s spouse).


Gone are the lengthy outfits of yesteryear. In its place is a new, more streamlined silhouette that seems to hug our body—instead of hanging off it—as if to say, hey, you’re pretty slim!.

But beware: with so many options out there, not all clothes are created equal.


The top fashion trend at women’s clothing stores will be dressage

These will come in a variety of styles and designs, with varying necklines, hemlines, and sleeve lengths.

Sexy dresses will continue to dominate at formal events, while conservative styles become more popular in some areas of society.

Modestly-cut gowns and pantsuits will be hot sellers at church clothes stores.


While some trends like overalls and shirts with rolled sleeves are making a comeback, most women’s tops will be loose-fitting, shapeless pieces.

Accessorizing is also important to make sure these simple clothes don’t look bland.

Wear colorful belts or cool necklaces, especially to give an otherwise basic outfit a pop of color and spice.

Denim Jackets

Last year, we saw a huge uptick in denim jackets at both high-end and affordable price points.

This year, they’re becoming more of a staple item as they make their way onto seasonal trends lists around the globe.

Jackets are great to have on hand no matter what season it is—and even if you don’t already own one, now is a great time to consider picking one up.

Color Block Hoodies

For thOf those of you who are looking to spice up your wardrobe, color block is one of the best ways to do so. While black and white is a classic color combination, breaking it down into three blocks creates a dynamic effect that’s sure to stand out from any crowd.

Try combining your favorite shades of blue, red, and yellow—or incorporate some fun fall hues for a unique twist on an autumnal fashion piece.

And if you’re feeling particularly daring, use color blocking as an excuse to wear white after Labor Day—it might just be an unexpected hit.

Skirts & Shorts

Shorts and skirts will likely be shorter. Knee-length shorts are already a trend among young women, but by 2022, those short-shorts could be even shorter.

Fitted khakis and pants that look like skirts might also be a part of fashion trends.

To avoid looking like you’re still stuck in ‘90s grunge, choose bold colors to offset a short skirt or shorts; thick horizontal stripes are especially trendy.

Pair your bold new outfit with heeled sandals or wedges to finish off your look!

Blouses & Knits

Blouses and knits are staples of any woman’s wardrobe, and they look great with pants or skirts. For pants, some great options include boot-cut and wide-leg slacks.

If you prefer skirts, try pencil skirts that hit mid-caLF or A-line skirts that hit just above your knees.

 If you want to show off your new outfit on a night out with friends, add a blazer over it to complete the look.

Flats & Sandals

Flats and sandals may be old school, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t cool.

It might not be practical to wear these all-weather shoes on a wintry day, but once it starts to warm up, ditch your old man winter boots for one of these super stylish options!

Flat sandals work with shorts and dresses alike, while chunky wooden heels are versatile enough to pair with jeans or a summer dress.

Bags & Accessories

In 2022, we predict that handbags will continue to be one of the women’s favorite accessories es.

In addition to changing shapes and styles, bags will incorporate higher-quality materials? such as real leather, which is bound to stand out from throwaway totes and totems.

Handbags with a practical function—such as laptop sleeves or crossbody state ps—will also become increasingly popular as women begin to prioritize their technology over fashion.

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