Most Popular Types of Earrings and Earring Styles for Women

In the words of the stylish and insightful Queer Eye star, Tan France – nothing elevates an outfit quite like earrings. Earrings never go out of style and are easily the most worn and popular style of jewellery – they’re very rarely taken off! If you’re one of those jewellery wearers who can’t bear to leave the house without a pair of earrings, you need to build up a dazzling and extensive earring collection, ready for any event and occasion. Take a look at the most popular types and style of earrings for you to dive into.


Stud earrings

First, we have the humble and ever popular stud earring. The main characteristics of stud earrings and what sets them apart from other styles are their ‘floating’ appearance. Studs don’t dangle down but instead sit close and snug to the earlobe, with the fastening post at the back of the ear. These are typically the earrings that you start out with when you first get your ears pierced. Studs are classic, minimal earrings that are a great choice for everyday wear. They come in many different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs so you can really play and mix up your look. Gemstone stud earrings are a personal favourite to show off some colour and shine.

Hoops earrings

Another popular versatile earring style – and an essential in any earring lovers’ collection – are hoops. Hoop earrings are typically circular hoops of metal that hang down from the ear. Hoops come in many different sizes ranging from small to XXL. For those who love dainty styles, go for small hoops or huggies close to the ear. Alternatively, go big or go home with oversized hoops down to the shoulder!

Dangle earrings

Heading into a more evening style of earring, we have dangle or drop earrings. Dangle and drop earrings hang down from and below the earlobe. The difference between the two is that dangles tend to move freely back and forth, whereas drops are stationary and less flexible. This style is more dramatic, glamorous and offers more movement and sparkle to a look.

Chandelier earrings

A well-known variant of dangle earrings are chandelier or statement earrings. Chandelier earrings get their name because they are shaped and look like chandeliers. They drop down from the ear and consist of multiple layers of decorations, typically gemstones, jewels, or beads. These are the most extravagant style of earring that look beautiful at evening or black-tie events, as seen on many celebrities. If they’re good enough for Michelle Obama, then we’re wearing these all night long!

Cluster earrings

Cluster earrings are comprised of several different gemstones and beads that are grouped together in a ‘cluster’. This style is normally made up of a main or big stone that’s surrounded by smaller stones or baguettes. You can find this style in the form of studs or dangles. These are beautifully decorative and sparkly – diamond cluster earrings are one of the more popular cluster styles.

Threader earrings

Threaders are a minimalist take on drop or dangle earrings. These earrings feature a slim chain that enters and threads through the earlobe and hangs on both sides of the earlobe. The ends of the chain typically feature a gemstone, bead, shape, or decoration that you can see from every angle. These earrings give a beautiful movement and fluidity to any look and are a great alternative to classic dangle earrings.

Ear cuffs

For those who have piercings situated on different parts of the ear that isn’t the earlobe, ear cuffs are an effortless and attractive style. Ear cuffs sit on the outer curve or edge of the ear, either at the top, middle or further down the ear cartilage. They’re typically designed for ear piercings, but you can also get clip-on cuffs. If you’re a fan of multiple piercings, these cuffs are a beautiful addition to any earring stack. With the rise in popularity for ear cuffs, jackets and climbers, there are so many styles to choose from, including bright and colourful gemstone cuffs or simple gold and silver cuffs.

Clip-on earrings

Finally, for those who don’t have their ears pierced but want to wear earrings, there are clip-ons! This style does what it says on the tin – rather than going through the ear like a regular piercing, these sit on the earlobe via a clipping mechanism. These are a good alternative if you don’t want to make a permanent commitment to a piercing. Excitingly, you can get all the types mentioned above in clip-on form, so you don’t feel left out from the earring party! More and more jewellery brands and high-end fashion designers like Chanel and Dior are offering stunning and fashionable clip-on earrings so there is something for everyone in the earring world!

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