Jewelry Items That You Can Buy Under 30K

Searching for budget jewelry options available under 30k? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 

Budget jewelry is what we all are always on the lookout for. And when someone tells you that you can buy a beautiful piece of jewelry under 30k, it sounds unbelievable. But it is really true. If still can’t believe your ears, then here we are to present you all options available under 20k. 

Here we go…


#1. Pendant Necklace:

lightweight necklace design in gold featuring a dainty pendantis one of the most affordable choices available at your disposal. Fitting your price bracket effortlessly, these pendant necklaces are ideal to revamp your look. Featuring distinct patterns, enamels, or gemstones – a pendant necklace is delicate, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. You can wear it on multiple occasions with multiple outfits. Hence, this gorgeous choice is the best budget deal. 

#2. Sleek Ring: 

If you are a fan of hand accessories, then gold rings are what you need. Minimal design, pattern, and thin profile of rings make them suitable for routine wear. You can wear them to your office, evening party or a gala event. Above everything, the best thing about rings is that they are super affordable. You can even get them under 20k. Then, why let budget hold you back from expanding your jewelry collection. Go ahead and flaunt a beautiful ring. 

Rings under 30K:

  • Solitaire rings. 
  • Band rings. 
  • Cocktail rings. 
  • Rings with initials. 

#3. Nose Pins:

Trendy, traditional, and affordable, nose pins can fit even the lowest of budget range. Just because they are in the budget doesn’t mean they don’t create an impact. Nose pins have come a long way in establishing their mark in the fashion world. Millennial women prefer to flaunt their facial features by wearing a quirky and elegant nose pin. It is a perfect budgetary option slaying the trends. You can get a nose pin starting from 4k to 40k. So, when you are going to purchase your favorite nose pin? 

#4. Earrings:

Yes, your mainstay jewelry earrings are also available for under 30k. Starting from 8k up to beyond 50k earrings are available in the widest range. Their price is likely to vary depending on their design and intricacy. Earring is a staple accessory that is a must-have for every Indian woman. Without it, your look is never complete. These enchanting jewelry pieces are a lifetime investment that will stay with you for generations. 

Earring designs available under 30k:

  • Studs. 
  • Needle earrings (sui dhaaga).
  • Hoops.
  • Huggies.
  • Diamonds tops. 
  • Earcuffs. 
  • Pearl studs. 
  • Drop earrings. 


Not satisfied? Need to buy jewelry only for investment purposes? If you nodded your head, then without a second thought purchase gold coins. Gold coins as an investment tool are just perfect. They are no less than gold ornaments. You can preserve them as a financial backup to help you in emergencies. 

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