How To Hang Canvas Art In The Home To Enhance Its Luxurious Look?


Different Ways To Hang A Canvas Art

Basic tools when a question comes How to hang canvas art

There are different types of tools that are used in the hanging of canvas art 

  • Pencil  
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Wall protection pads
  • Spirit Level

Necessary Points For Hanging A Canvas

•          Clean the wall with a very neat cloth

•          Measure your canvas painting with a tape measure

•          Make points with pencils and highlight the corners

•          Before marking with pencil first check the measurement with measure tape away from the fan ceiling light, keep the canvas painting just below the light it will give a glow to your canvas.

•          If you want to protect your wall paint. First, you have to apply wall pads.

•          Hang the canvas and keep this in center

•          Level the canvas until it’s perfectly straight

5 Different Ways To Hang A Canvas Art

First, we have covered the basics, now let’s started with different ways

As mentioned above keep all the tools handy for below all these methods. There are different ways to hang canvas art but there are some easy and simple ways. When the question arises for the beauty and decoration then How to hang canvas art.

Screwed Eye Hooks

Screwed Eye Hooks

Eye hooks are most popular in professional farming stores but these are very simple to use at home. Small eye hooks are strong enough to hold heavy canvas arts. How to hang canvas art is the point that disturbs the mind when you want to hang canvas art without making any destruction in the house.

Step 1: Screw the hooks on each side of the wood frame about five inches from the top of the canvas

Step 2: String the wire in between the two hooks to hang down the canvas

Step 3: Finally hammer the nail where you mark with a pencil or use eye hook if prefer

You can hang the canvas as you want, you can adjust the canvas in any direction.

Steel Nails

Steel Nails

Small and medium-sized canvases will work best with nails. You have to select nails according to the size of the canvas. Small nails can work well on size 8×10 canvas whereas a medium-sized nail would do a stronger job with sizes like 16×16 or 20×30. Brass or steel nails ought to get in the wall simply while not break or damaging it.

Step 1: Make your wall and point a little mark with a pencil

Step 2: Give one or two quick hits to nail with a hammer

Step 3: Leave half an inch of nail out, don’t hit the nail forcefully it may damage your wall.

Step 4: Hang the canvas on the wall



J-hooks are the best option to hang wide or big canvas. These hooks are with one or two nails. The hook with two nails can carry heavyweight canvas. The hook with one nail can carry a lightweight canvas. You will need two or three hooks to carry the canvas

Step 1: How many hooks do you want to fix in the wall, place pencil markings.

Step 2: Position the hook on the wall and then hammer the nail in it slightly

Step 3: Make sure that the alignment of hooks should perfect.

This option is very good through this you can hang the wider canvas on the wall. In this case, measuring tape is your best friend for this special method.

 Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive strips could also be the simplest of all strategies. Most adhesive hanging product is created to avoid any sort of harm to walls. They’re terribly simple to use and typically keep company with associate degree adhesive and Velcro combination. You would like four adhesive strips for every corner or a lot of betting on the size of the canvas.

Step 1: Make a mark with a pencil to assist place the canvas—you might have to feature a soft line across to make sure it’s straight.

Step 2: Next, place the adhesive strips on every corner of the wood frame (add a lot of between every corner if you’re feeling they’re needed).

Step 3: Press the canvas to the enclose alignment along with your markings.

Whichever method you decide on to hold your canvas merely depends on personal preference. The vital factor is that you just with pride show your precious canvas prints and works of art

Canvas art will bring a tier of sophistication to your home. Whether or not associate degree transmitted oil painting or a bespoken icon canvas, the end result once finished can produce clean lines leading to a contemporary sweetening to your ornamentation. The value-added bonus is that the joy and satisfaction you may feel once you see your favorite canvas art hanging in its ideal spot.

Sawtooth Brass Bracket

Saw Tooth brass Bracket

Sawtooth brass bracket comes in different sizes you have to select the appropriate size according to your canvas size. These brackets always are pointed in the center of the canvas

Step 1: Measure the frame from top to bottom and mark its center

Step 2: Place the bracket in the center of the canvas and fix it in the wall with a screwdriver

Step 3: First screw in one side of the bracket and then the other.

Step 4: Make sure that the bracket should not lose and screws must be tight

This is the most simple and most popular way to hang canvass art

Liner Paper

Whichever means you select to hold your canvas merely depends on personal preference. The necessary issue is that you simply with pride show your precious canvas prints and works of art.

How to hang canvas art is the main thing to arrive in your mind when a desire to decorate your home comes in mind. There are different ways to hang canvas art but the most simple and easy way to hang canvas art had discussed above. Canvas art is beautiful art. Some peoples have a passion to make canvas art. The person who makes the canvas art wants to fix this painting on the wall in an easy and simple way. Because the want that their art looks decent and beautiful.

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