How to Get in Shape at Indigo Gym in Gulberg Lahore

Since opening more than 35 years ago, Indigo Gym in Gulberg, Lahore, has made a name for itself as one of the most dependable gyms in the area. Even though Indigo Gym is one of the biggest gyms in the area, many individuals are unsure about how to get started there. No matter your level of fitness or your objectives for visiting Indigo Gym, this article will explain how to get started there.



I had a terrific time getting back in shape at the ladies-only Indigo gym. It is conveniently situated, spotless, and furnished with everything you require. Although it’s not very busy, there are times when it’s jam-packed with women wanting to exercise. Here are a few explanations for why I adore it so much.

I started going because I wanted a change from my typical routine, which consisted of exercising at home or occasionally going for walks in my area.

Even though I still exercise frequently these days, I know that occasionally I need to switch things up to prevent getting bored and giving up altogether.

Variety is crucial because this can happen quite easily if you only perform one sort of workout repeatedly. Going somewhere new also increases your motivation since if you go often enough, you’ll meet people there who are also your friends.

The various types of equipment available at Indigo Gym

A welcoming staff member will welcome you to Indigo Gym and assist you in setting up a membership. You can also purchase one-time access for the day or just an hour.

Treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, and free weights are among the machines on hand. A ladies’ gym with cardio equipment made exclusively for women is also accessible.

The various classes available at Indigo Gym

Numerous different exercise courses are offered at Indigo Gym, including boot camp, spinning, aerial yoga, and yoga. The lady’s gym is a separate area of the gym that offers courses like Pilates and mommy and me that are especially geared at women.

These fitness classes include Boxercise, Body Attack, Aqua Aerobics, and Body Attack, among others. If you want to try something else, you may also look at their list of group fitness classes. The majority of these group programs are led by instructors who have received certification from prestigious international bodies like ACE and ACSM.

Check out the schedule online before going because the group fitness team at Indigo is often adding new exercises. Members may use free weights as well as weight training equipment in the gym’s functional section. There are a variety of devices for strength training, such as leg presses, lateral pull-downs, seated rows, and leg extensions, as well as cardio machines like treadmills and stationary bikes.

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The advantages of exercising at Indigo Gym

A free introductory session with a trainer is included in the monthly membership fee of Rs. 1200. A free personal training session each month and a 10% discount on all menu items at the gym cafe are also included with membership. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in joining for further details!

The staff at Indigo is welcoming and competent, and before you begin working out, they’ll walk you through a free induction session with a trainer to make sure you know how to use any equipment securely.

You may rest assured that your workout will be as safe as possible because of the excellent maintenance of the facilities.

Additionally, one of our trainers will work with you one-on-one during a personal training session on an as-needed basis if you need a little extra inspiration or direction when it comes to getting in shape.

Our team of three trainers each has a particular area of expertise, such as building muscle or endurance. Members receive 10% off all services from our roster of trainers, but each trainer has his or her own fees.

The price of joining Indigo Gym

Various packages are available at Indigo Gym for one-time fees. The base membership package costs Rs 2500 (about $30) per month, and the platinum package costs Rs 8000 (around $100) per month.

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Access to all facilities, personal training, and a personal physiotherapist are all included in the platinum package.

You cannot cancel your membership, so be sure you’re ready to commit before joining.

Give us a phone or send us an email if you’d like to learn more about how we operate.

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