310 Drip.com Reviews – Is 310 Drip.com Legit?

310Drip, also known as 310 Drip, is a shady online business that claims to offer bracelets, chains, rings, pendants, earrings, sunglasses, and clothes. Online consumers risk acquiring counterfeit items or receiving nothing at all from the same business. Unsatisfied online shoppers who purchased from the fraudulent website are advised to contact their bank or financial institution to get their transactions annulled and money reimbursed.

310drip Online Store Information
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Do you want to purchase 310drip Com necklaces, rings, bracelets, or pendants? Read on to see why our scam detector gives 310drip.com a low trust rating.
According to the FTC, the second most reported fraud category in 2021 will be online shopping and bogus reviews. As a consequence, we have taken on the job of assessing items, businesses, websites, and so on for the financial security of our readers.
What exactly is the 310drip.com website?

310drip, often known as 310 Drip, is an online jewellery shop that sells various types of jewellery such as wristwatches, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and so on at reasonable costs. Unfortunately, throughout our research, we uncovered the following flaws –

Also Read: 310 Drip.com Reviews – Is 310 Drip.com Legit?

Because the website was registered on September 17, 2021, it lacks legitimacy.
The trustworthy Seals on the website are forgeries and not from legitimate organisations.
There is no return address provided.
There is no connection to a functioning social media presence.
At this time, you should consider cancelling the task! But if you’re still interested in purchasing at this store, keep reading!
Other reasons why you should avoid shopping from 310drip.com:
It is unoriginal.
310drip.com has the same website design and content as a jewellery shop we recently assessed. Kegura.com, like 310drip, sells high-end jewellery at a bargain. Unfortunately, internet evaluations show that these are pretty poorly crafted jewellery.

The jewelleries are not one-of-a-kind.

Delivery & Shipping
Though the expected delivery time is 2-4 weeks, it takes much longer. This is due to the fact that the box has travelled all the way from China. In most instances, tracking information indicates that the package has yet to depart the warehouse, even though the payment was made about a week ago.

Return Procedures
The return policy at this shop is a farce. In reality, you’d have to pay for delivery, which might be half the price of the item.
Is 310drip.com a scam?
310drip.com has a number of red flags based on the critical areas mentioned above. Customers had a negative buying experience with this jewellery company since delivery and shipping took more than a month.

They were enraged by their inability to reach this shop since there is no phone number listed on the internet.

Despite these issues, 310 Drip is not a scam shop. It’s just an Aliexpress dropshipper.

Conclusion: 310drip.com looks to be a trustworthy online jewelery shop. Customers may face shipping delays, but they will undoubtedly get their item.

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