How To Frame Hand Embroidery

How To Frame Hand Embroidery

Hand sewing an ornamental piece of embroidery art may be a nice accomplishment. Once setting up hours, days, or in some cases even years, you may wish to own a pleasant setting for it to be displayed in your home.

The sort of framing of an embroidery piece is some things that will enhance your work or create it look boring, mismatched, or within the worst-case – harm your work. We have a tendency to not wish to scare you however affirmative, your framing will destroy your embroidery!


Why Must You Frame Your Embroidery?

You are in all probability here as a result of you already wish to border your embroidery and don’t would like any professionals. Yet, it would be smart to grasp concerning the functions of a frame. There square measure multiple jobs that a frame is meant to do:

  • Protection
  • Beauty
  • Support

The emphasis on beauty most of the time as a result of that’s what we have a tendency to see within the pretty photos. However, if you don’t will drop your embroidery for a brief amount of your time sort of a month roughly, support and protection also are some valid factors that your frame ought to be able to accommodate.

The approach you frame your embroidery ought to be so it holds the material tight and in situ (support) and additionally defend your work from mud, dirt, and abrasion (protection).

Later, we write on specific framing choices. Here square measure three functions to speak concerning the professionals.

Framing Embroidery For Beauty

The most obvious job is to form a gorgeous setting or close to your embroidery. The frameworks as instrumentation between the embroidery art and your walls. Even though your embroidery items square measure fully completely different from one another. You’ll be able to produce some unity by victimization a similar type of frame for them.

Beauty lies within the eye of the person which is why it’s not possible to inform you specifically what you ought to do for your explicit embroidery piece. Since embroidery may be a quiet image, you’ll be able to apply similar rules as for framing regular art items.

But even these rules square measure ever-changing perpetually over the centuries and decades. Therefore, there’s no real wrong or right. The foremost necessary issue is that you simply are passionate about it.

Framing Embroidery For Support

One of the queries which may appear in your mind often is: however, do I frame my embroidery while not wrinkles and wobbly fabric? Well, this is often the half wherever the support is vital. This performance isn’t such a lot concerning the materials however concerning execution.

If you only lay your embroidery within the frame it’ll presumably not be a flat cloth. In most cases, you have got to stretch the material and before that iron it (sometimes you can’t). However, you stretch your cloth depends on the framing methodology you decide on.

Framing For Defense

If you wish to own your embroidery within the frame for a protracted time, it’s necessary to guard it against the surface world. Mud may be a major issue here and additionally daylight, however there’s solely such a lot your frame will do this (their square measure UV-protective glass frames though).

If you have got an embroidery piece that hangs within the room for over a year currently and has no glass protection on that. It’s on a chunk of black cloth and sort of a miracle. There’s no mud on that some.

How? You’ll be able to frame it in a very deep recent frame and also the overarching frame keeps the mud off sort of a canopy! You may not perceive the true purpose of those voluminous frames till then.

In distinction, the embroidery frame doesn’t defend your cloth from mud in any respect. That’s why you ought to mud off your embroidery hoops on the walls from time to time or they’ll be arduous to scrub at some purpose.

You see, there’s additional to a frame than however, it is, therefore please don’t simply choose your frame by the fashion, additionally take a glance at the support and protection it offers to a piece that you simply spent a protracted time making.

You will perceive that their square measure many of us who switch out their embroidery art often. In this case, it’s not as necessary to own it protected against everything. And maybe, you don’t mind a rather wobbly cloth in any respect. There’s nothing wrong therewith. As said: it’s completely up to yourways you frame your embroidery art.


This is however you’ll be able to frame your hand embroidery. the method isn’t an excessive amount of difficulty if you are doing it the correct approach. 

If you have any questions about the subject or something associated with custom embroidery digitizing, feel free to reach out to us at Migdigitizing. we’ll be happy to help you.

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