Easy and Affordable Fashion Trends to Try This Summer

Easy and Affordable Fashion Trends
Easy and Affordable Fashion Trends

While fall and winter trends tend to focus on investment pieces such as a timeless overcoat or classic leather boots, summer trends are often more fun and frivolous. 

And, in the midst of a pandemic, we’re all even more in need of some fashionable fun in our lives. Especially since we’ve been living in sweats for the past few months!

Recent summers have seen us embracing ’90s looks such as tie-dye, cycling shorts, and crop tops, while bright colors such as mimosa orange and lilac have taken center stage.  

Yet what are the current style trends you should be following this summer? Let’s take a look!

Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves have been one of the leading fashion trends for a few seasons now. But this summer’s take on the oversized sleeve shape just got a whole lot more dramatic. 

Opt for a puff-sleeved top in soft colors such pastel pink, baby blue, or sage green to add a feminine touch to your outfit. Or, if you want to play up the retro ’80s vibe of puff-sleeve power, jewel tones and dramatic fabrics like taffeta, satin, and shot silk are the way to go. 

Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are a modern fashion must-have, transcending different body shapes and seasons. But summer often brings a new influx of styles, fabrics, and cuts for new updates on this timeless and flattering dress style. 

This year, all-white looks are a huge trend. White is also super summery and great for showing off your killer tan from all that backyard sunbathing during the quarantine. 

Sheer Layers

While layering is the last thing you want to be doing in hot weather, sheer layers of mesh, chiffon, and netting are a great way to add depth to your summer fashion look. 

The great thing about this trend is that it offers a way to update existing looks with new textures and silhouettes. For example, wearing a sheer top over a white tank turns a basic wardrobe staple into something more intentional and fashion-forward. 

Or, there are plenty of ways to tap into this trend with sheer accents such as tops with mesh sleeves or dresses with sheer chiffon panels or layers. 

Oversized Gold Chains

For a quick and affordable fashion update, add a gold chain necklace to your existing summer looks. 

While we draw the line at these ridiculous rapper chains, chunkier, oversized chains feel more 2020 than the dainty layered chains of past years. Although, that’s not to say you can’t combine a few different lengths and thicknesses for a dramatic, individual look. 

Matching Sets

From coordinating denim pants and tops to printed sets in the same bold fabric, there’s no shame in going ‘matchy-matchy’ this summer. 

We especially love an eye-catching combination shirt and shorts set in a tropical summer print, gingham, or florals. For a sportier and more streamlined look, match cycling shorts and a tank in the same bold color. Or, bring some lockdown chic to the streets with a silky pajama-style set.  

Cuff and Hem Ties

This emerging micro trend might not be on your radar yet but you’ll soon want to try out cuff and hem ties for yourself when you realize how fresh and modern they feel. 

An easy way to tap into this affordable fashion is by tying the ankle straps of your strappy sandals over the hem of your pants. Without needing to buy anything new, this clever styling trick gives your look an instant 2020 update.

Or, you can go even more DIY by tying a thin ribbon or strip of fabric around the hem of your pants or the cuffs of a t-shirt. 

Chunky Boots and Floaty Dresses 

Pairing bare legs and boots is often a key look for the still warm yet sometimes rainy days of early fall. But this year, combining chunky boots and floaty dresses is a great new way to tap into summer’s emerging grunge trend. 

For ultimate style points, opt for the biggest contrast you can find. Think thick-soled black boots and a super feminine pink frilly dress or pair a slinky monochrome polka dot dress with heavy buckled boots.

And, while the length of the dress is up to you, shorter summer dresses are ideal for showing off the full impact of this unexpected pairing. 

Square-Toed Heels

Whether you go for a heeled thong, mule, or sandal, square toes are the key footwear trend to look out for this season. 

Square-toed heels lengthen the leg for a flattering look while adding a unique and unexpected touch to classic shoe styles. Square bases also allow for more foot freedom that pointed toes, meaning that painful and unsightly bunions and blisters are less likely. 

Visible Bra Detailing

Contrasting bra straps, lingerie detailing, and suspenders have all had their fashion moments over the last few years. 

This year, fashion’s attention turns back to the bra, with cup detailing, beading accentuation, and external bra molding all making their way onto the summer catwalks. 

For an easy and affordable way to follow this hot summer trend, wear a caged bra underneath a simple summer tank. The exposed straps will add a little extra interest without being too risque for the daytime. Or, you could pair a simple ribbed cotton or crochet bralette with high-waisted denim shorts for a fun nod to the ’90s. 

Fun Current Style Trends to Follow This Summer

As these affordable, adaptable, and oh-so current style trends show, there are lots of ways to update your look for less. 

Whether you go for the latest must-have accessory, opt for a new styling twist, or go all out with a whole new outfit, there’s a 2020 summer trend for every taste and budget. 

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