Customize Your Fishing Jersey

You can create your own fishing jersey with any logos and designs added, including sponsors if you have them. It is a great way to get the advantages of wearing a jersey when you fish along with creating something great for your sponsors or your team! T-shirt printing is not just for t-shirts, you can print onto a range of items, you just need to find a professional printing service you like. Be sure to check their quality level before you make a larger order and that they send a final look for approval so you can check spelling, layout, and other important details.

What is the importance of wearing a fishing jersey?

You do not have to wear one to fish, but it does come with a number of advantages. They are made specifically to be worn outside and offer many protections and such. Here is a look at some of the reasons people choose to wear them, other than comfort and have their own designs printed on them rather than a regular t-shirt.

  1. Better protection from the sun – Fishing with short sleeve tops and ones that are not specifically designed as fishing jerseys exposes you to the sun for long periods. Often people fish where there is little shade too. That direct sunlight gets hot and can lead to sunburn, dehydration, and exposure. People forget to regularly reapply sunscreen while fishing or they choose not to because the cream makes the process of reeling, casting, and baiting a harder process because of your greasy hands. With a jersey that is not a problem. Constant sun protection the whole day with no grease.  
  2. Insect and bug protection – These jerseys also protect you from the many bugs you have to live with when you love to fish. Gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies, and the like are more than just a nuisance, they can also bite and leave you in a tricky position. Using a long sleeve fishing jersey can prevent that. 
  3. Protection from the water – Water is obviously a part of the sport but a good jersey can help keep you dry from the water around you with all the small splashes that can add up, and from your moisture as you sweat. This keeps you cool and you are not feeling hot in a damp and sweaty shirt.
  4. Stain resistance – You can also find jerseys that have stain resistance built-in and that can be useful. If you have sponsors you need to be displayed or your team name, having blood, fish guts, bait slime getting on your top, and making you look less professional and hiding the logos is not ideal.  

Customizing with logos, colors, team names, and sponsors

With great quality t-shirt printing, you can have great looking jerseys that also have very practical advantages when you wear them. There are many different colors and designs you can choose from and you can look great and while feeling great as you do what you love to do!

Iram Batool
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