What Is Congested Skin & How To Stop It

What is congested skin?

congested skin

Congested skin is a type of skin that contains a large number of pores as well as blackheads. The person looks like a dull and lazy. It looks thick and dull in appearance.  

While caring for our skin or looks beautiful we should eliminate all the natural oil or shine from our skin because we should not have knowledge that at some level of oil protects our skin from different things. A layer of oil is essential for our skin which can increase the beauty of our skin and also beneficial for us.
Without the layer of the oil, our skin looks dry and loses all the natural beauty as well as soft texture. But if our skin produces too much oil which is responsible for the production of the pores and also stimulates the growth of the bacteria.
When the excess of the oil is mixed with the dead skin cells, makeup, pollution, sweat the pores become clogged. In this way, the skin looks dull. 

It is important to know that oily congested skin can be responsible for many factors that is genetics and hormones or lifestyle factors like stress, diet, sleep, and medication. When these aspects are out of your control, there are steps that you can take to help keep your oily skin under control.

 When Your Skin Is Congested What Does It Means?

 The main or important cause of congested skin is the building of dead skin cells and the best or only solution is regular gentle exfoliation. After three to four weeks our produces many new cells, which can cause the layer of dead skin cells that can be made on the top of the skin.


Congested Skincare And Makeup.

Congestion skin is the products that contain the petrochemical-based oil as they effect the skin, stops the skin from breathing and also blocking pores. Talc that is common in makeup and finishing power also has effects on the skin. Waxes and butter may also affect the skin. You need to choose which type of makeup that is suitable and beneficial for your skin.

How Many Types Of Skin?

There are four basic types of healthy and attractive skin: 

  1. Normal
  2. Dry
  3. Oily
  4. Combination 

 Skin type is determined by genetics. The condition of our skin can, however, change greatly according to the various internal and external factors.

What Are The Causes Of Skin Congestion?

Dull skin and also blackheads on the skin can be caused by more than one factor which makes your skin appear yellow or brown in tone, especially on the face. Many factors cause the congestion of the skin:

  • Poor or bad skincare.
  • Improper and poor cleansing schedule.
  • Using comedogenic ingredients within the skin.Hair and makeup products. 
  • Congestion of skin is caused by “over-active oil glands.
  • Development of dead skin cells.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Especially specific vitamins such as vitamin C, which is important in acting as a protective shield against environmental problems and pollution.
  • Especially specific vitamins such as vitamin C, which is important in acting as a protective shield against environmental problems and pollution.
  • Smoking and dehydration.
  • Alcohol intake can seriously dehydrate the skin.
  •  Stress seriously affected your body and overall health in many ways, and it also affects your largest organ – your skin.
  • Pollution and dirt can enter into our skin that can cause many infections as well as skin-related diseases.
  • Dead skin cells produce in our skins after a few days and skin appear sallow and dull and not as fresh and beautiful as it should. They can clog the pores and cause congestion.

Can Your Skin Type Change?

It may not be possible to change the type of skin because our skin itself does change and adapt over time. 

  1. Simple Genetics – The most important one is your genes, which decide how dry/oily or sensitive your skin will be. 
  2. Climate – Relocating/changing the atmosphere in an environment can change your skin type.

How To Stop Skin Congestion?

There are many ways to stop the congestion of the skin.

1. Washing Your Face Daily


It removes dirt, oil, bacteria, and pollution from your skin and it is especially recommendable to wash your face before bed.

2. Exfoliating Regularly

It can help the natural process of shedding the build-up of dead skin cells on your skin. This natural process often becomes blocked due to environmental pollution such as longer sun exposure and the damage caused by the Ultra Violet rays. The result is dull-looking skin as well as clogged pores and congestion. Using a gentle exfoliate that contains alpha-hydroxy acids can increases the process of cell turn over and make your skin appear more glowing and hydrated.

3. Moisturizers 

Moisturizers act as a fence that traps water into your skin so it remains hydrated. Less amount of water dehydrates the skin and this makes up for the dull look while a well-hydrated skin looks more glowing and attractive.

4. Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is a highly efficient way to protect your skin against affected environmental problems such as the Ultra Violet rays that produce harmful free radical molecules and increase damage inside your skin.

Precautions Of The Congested Skin

Precautions of the congested skin
  • Skincare products
  • Avoid materials like “mineral oil, lanolin, skin-stripping S.D (specially denatured) alcohol and artificial colours.
  • In perspective of your diet, avoid that food where possible and limit your refined sugar intake. Because Sugar can increase blood sugar levels that are causing our hormonal effects.
  • Excess use of oil must increase cell production, which leads to clogged pores.
  • The best way to clean the surface of your skin and clear your pores is with a gentle exfoliate. The main purpose is to resurface the skin without over-drying it with harsh chemicals or irritating it with rough physical exfoliates.
  • A good polishing product will provide you with a physical and chemical exfoliation without abrasion, which helps us to clear your pores and fight against the congested skin while preparing the skin for cleansing.
  • When your skin is prepped for moisture, it’s imperative to use a product for caring for your skin and also for looking attractive.

Methods To Avoid Congested Skin

There are many methods to avoid congested skin. But the most important that we can use is the “Oily-congested method”. The description of this method is described below:

Oily Congested Skin Method.

Oily Congested Skin

 Oily-Congested used the specific skin type to produce a complexion that looks clean and healthy. This method targets the common issues by destroying pore-clogging and dead skin cells without over-drying areas to groom up new skin cells for refreshed and healthy-looking skin. This method also helps to keep skin free from congestion with carefully selected ingredients.

Nourish Oily-Congested Skin Method

Oily, congested skin needs good nourishment and hydration to look healthy, beautiful and youthful.

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