Best Ways To Cure a Bloated Stomach and Gas

Having a bloated stomach and accompanying gas is not fun. It is uncomfortable, and it can also be embarrassing. There are numerous causes for these issues, and some include eating too fast, eating the wrong foods, and chewing gum. If you suffer from stomach discomfort, you are probably looking for fast relief. Although certain things, such as eliminating food triggers or eating slowly, can prevent bloating and gas, it is still a common issue. For quick relief, try yoga or a detox for gas and bloating

Yoga and Abdominal Exercises

Most people know that yoga is beneficial for many things, including relaxation, balance, flexibility, and overall health. What many people may not realize is that yoga and certain abdominal exercises are also good for bloating relief. Movement in general helps to deflate bloat and expel gas, but specific yoga moves put pressure on the abdominals and digestive tract, and this helps things start moving.

The cat-cow is one of the beneficial moves. This alternatively compresses and stretches the intestines to help with movement. The cobra pose also stretches the abdominals and intestines. The torso twist promotes circulation and blood flow, and it massages the internal organs.

The bridge is another move that stretches the intestines. There is an additional move you can try when you are bloated and uncomfortable. Lay on your back with your legs extended. Bring up one knee and hug it to your chest with both hands. Then bring your forehead to your knee and hold. Switch sides.

Along with yoga moves that stretch and massage the intestines, you can also perform a light massage along your intestines, as this will help move gas bubbles. This ultimately will reduce bloating.

If yoga moves do not help, or you feel like you need extra help, you may want to try Polisorb to get the irritants out of the digestive tract. 

Cleanse for Bloating and Gas

Polisorb is a type of cleanse that relieves a variety of stomach and digestive issues, including bloating and gas. This cleanse consists of a white powder that you mix with water. It is made with only one ingredient, silicon dioxide, and it is natural and safe to use.

Polisorb enters the intestines and is able to identify harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins, chemicals, and other things that are irritating the digestive system. Polisorb then expels the bad stuff from the body, leaving everything else in place. What is even better is that it cleanses the body quickly, which results in fast relief. That is right; in as little as 15 minutes your bloating and gas will be gone.

This cleanse can be done at the first sign of stomach discomfort, no matter what the cause is. It works if you have food poisoning, ate too fast, ate a large meal of greasy food, or are looking for a hangover detox.

Bloating and gas may be common symptoms for a number of digestive problems, but they do not have to ruin your day. Try some yoga moves or cleanse out the bad stuff out so you can feel good again.

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