Women Sports Fashion Trends for 2023

In the past years, there has been a new fashion staple that has continued to be one and will continue so this 2023, and that is activewear. You can wear them for coffee dates, to run errands, or run through the park, you name it, activewear is there. And has been truly embraced by most women around the world thanks to its versatility.

In the past, activewear sets for women, used to have simple designs and usually darker colors, but they have evolved and actually become a venue for expression and also a fashion statement. Even post-workout looks have a new vibe and style that wasn’t seen before.


Fashion keeps evolving, and even more this 2023, when we see people wearing more and more activewear during days when they run errands, go out with friends, or simply lounge and relax and home, because they tend to be very comfortable clothing to spend the day wearing them.

Maybe, lately, you have been feeling uninspired with the sports bra and shorts set that you have been wearing. It might be time for you to treat yourself to a new activewear, so you can also get some incentive to start o even continue your fitness journey. These are the hottest fashion activewear trends for 2023.


One of the first trends is workout onesies. They are basically rompers, jumpsuits, or even full-length bodysuits or leotards, and they will be there not only for your convenience but also for your ease. These pieces are not only retro-inspired but will also be great for any workout as well as very flexible and comfortable.

Another trend is eco-friendly fabrics. The world has become more eco-conscious and consumers want to know from where the products they buy, especially their activewear being sourced. Historically, activewear has been made out of fabrics that are synthetic, like nylon and polyester, both sourced from petroleum.


Thankfully, new natural alternatives that are environmentally friendly are rising and appearing in the picture. Some of these are, for example, bamboo charcoal, SeaCell, Seawoll, etc. Don’t forget to check the labels on your activewear to keep an eye if the materials are eco-friendly or not.

Another trend that is popular is active dresses. They were trending back in 2022 and the trend is still going strong this 2023. These pieces are not only stretchy but also comfy and their built-in shorts make them perfect for tennis, hiking, or even for Pilates. These pieces are also perfect to transition from the gym to the café with your friends, while they flatter your silhouette and boost your confidence.

The 90’s trend is also back with mix-and-match, bright colors, and also very loud patterns. You can see high-waisted spandex shorts, tanks over tees, headbands, and also very chunky socks. We are sure you’ll feel the nostalgia, especially if you are a 90’s kid.


Another nice trend that is back, that will be a bit nostalgic for millennials is flared leggings. Even if they are actually yoga pants, they are back and in full blast. This is another piece that will make transitioning from the gym to brunch with your friends. You’re most likely going to want to hop in on this trend because their stretchy material will give you a flattering shape and will also be very versatile.

And finally, as we have been mentioning, the last trend is going from your workouts to your hangouts. In the past, showing yourself in places with your workout gear was a no, no but during this 2023 that isn’t happening anymore as people are embracing a more active lifestyle. Now after your workout, you won’t be needing to change as it will be ok to meet your friends for brunch or coffee dates with your matching activewear set, an oversized hoodie, or your comfiest yoga pants.

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