Top 4 Popular News Channels in Pakistan 2023

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 news channels in Pakistan for 2023 based on data from the country’s official television ratings organization. While keeping up with the news may be monotonous to some, others who like being informed will enjoy tuning in to the various news stations. Live coverage of news and events may be seen on a number of national and international TV networks in Pakistan. The proprietors of these outlets have reportedly spent a lot of money to get the services of the most brilliant minds, who work around the clock to inform their audiences of all the latest developments in the United States and the rest of the globe. This article will go through the top 10 most watched news channels in Pakistan in 2023. Based on how often their viewers tune in, they have been rated.

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Top 4 Popular News Channels in Pakistan 2023

Here are the 10 most watched news channels in Pakistan in 2023, as ranked by various TV channel rating websites. To see which news station is most watched in Pakistan. The complete list of these television stations is shown below.


According to a 2023 survey of Pakistani television viewers, this network is among the country’s top 10 news providers. The business started up in 2004. The ARY Digital Network includes this station. ARY Digital, the General Entertainment Channel, ARY Musik, ARY Qtv, and ARY Zindagi are some of its other sub channels. This news outlet is regarded as number one in our affections.

Due to fast, accurate coverage of breaking news, this network consistently ranks at the top of the ratings. Although this news network has been at the centre of several controversies—including the Mubashar Luqman case—it continues to command extensive media attention and a sizable audience.


Even though geo news is one of several Pakistani news channels, it is widely watched. The station airs news from Pakistan. Jang Group is the owner. On August 14, 2002, it began transmitting a “Test” signal, and in October of same year, it began regular broadcasting. Even after being illegally shut down for many months, this station has made it to the top tier of news broadcasters.

Besides GEO Entertainment, it also features GEO News, GEO Kahani, GEO Super, etc. As we have seen, this news network has an unprecedented level of audience support, with billions of viewers tuning in every day. This news outlet is often embroiled in controversy, but it ranks second overall.

Samaa TV

Samaa TV is an Urdu news station that was founded and launched in 2007 by Jaag Broadcasting Systems and has its headquarters in Karachi, the metropolis of Pakistan. Some of the most watched programmes on Naya TV include Nadeem Malik Live, Naya Din, Hum Log, and Sawal with Amber Shamsi. Samma TV’s news anchors include Nadeem Malik, Paras Jahanzaib, and Moiz Jaferii, all of whom are well-known in Pakistan. In addition to its headquarters in Islamabad, Samaa TV also has broadcasting facilities in the cities of Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, and Peshawar.

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Express News

The Lakson Group, founded in 1954 by Sultan Ali Lakhani and Iqbal Ali Lakhani, is responsible for launching Express News, a Pakistani Urdu news channel, in 2008. In 2009, the Lakson Group debuted Express 24/7, an English news programme that is today known as the Tribune 24/7. After CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, Express News is the fourth most-watched news network in the United States.

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