The Five Steps to Logging Out of Netflix on Any Device

If you’re trying to log out of Netflix on your television, computer, or another device, it can be difficult to find the right button to press. If you’re lucky, you might even get a button labeled Log Out—but sometimes you don’t. Luckily, there are only five basic steps to logging out of Netflix on any device, so this guide will help ensure that your next Netflix session doesn’t lead to accidentally billing yourself again and again!


Step 1: Set Up Your Account

Netflix makes it easy to create an account in your web browser, but what if you need to create one from your TV? If you’re a member who does most of their watching via the couch, here’s how.

1) Make sure your TV and internet are turned on.

2) Launch the app and sign into your existing account or create a new one.

3) Scroll down until you see Manage Profiles. Click that button and then select the profile for which you’d like to delete data (only one person can have their settings saved).

4) From there, scroll down again until you see Manage Streaming Services. Click that button and remove the Netflix service from the active profile.

Step 2: Use the Login Button

This process differs a little bit depending on what device you’re using, but the one thing they all have in common is the need for a login button. This is typically located either in the upper-right or upper-left corner of your screen. For some devices it might be better to use the remote control, so feel free to experiment!

Here are some ways you might be able to log out of Netflix: 1) Make sure that sign out option is enabled and click sign out or

2) Use the three-dot icon and find the sign out at the bottom left or

3) Select sign out from under account settings.


Step 3: Remote Control

If your remote has a Netflix button, press that. If not, look for TV, Video, or Stereo. If you don’t see the option listed here, find the device’s menu screen, which is typically located in the lower right-hand corner. Look for the TV or video settings tab and select it. Find the function labeled Netflix and press it one time. Again, if your remote doesn’t have a Netflix button, look in your device’s settings menus until you find it.

 All new devices come with easy-to-understand guides. Your TV may have a guide that tells you what every button does, or you can look up your device online and find out where its menu screen is. If all else fails, most devices also have a list of codes that will allow you to access hidden menu functions by entering specific codes into your remote control. Different manufacturers use different codes, so check your device’s instruction manual if you’re having trouble finding them yourself. These hidden options typically include factory reset and power button options.

Step 4: Local Devices

Now that you have logged out from all devices, you need to find the Netflix app or the Netflix button for your TV if it is not a Smart TV. Once you are in the Netflix app, scroll down until you see Log out. Click this and then click Yes if you are sure that you want to log out. You will see a pop-up message asking if you want to remove your account from all linked devices. If so, click yes, otherwise click no. Congratulations! You have successfully logged out of Netflix!


Step 5: Smart TVs

Netflix hides its logout button. The only way to sign out is by cycling through the remote’s menu options and pushing a specific button. You can find it by going into settings, switching over to profiles, and choosing one without logging in. If you have a profile with two users, choose the one that you haven’t logged in with before. Once you do, push the back arrow button twice, until you get a popup asking if you want to change your settings or leave them as they are. Select the second option and then press right once more, selecting okay when it pops up. Next, go into the home row again and press right once more – now should see an option for sign out.

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