Six Christmas cakes for an unforgettable Christmas party

With Christmas drawing near, gearing up for parties can become worrisome. Furthermore, wrapping up a Christmas party without a cake will be incomplete. It can be tricky to choose a cake that everyone will adore and enjoy and therefore requires a lot of thought.

According to a study based in Sydney over the years, the most sought-after christmas cakes in Sydney from 2015-2020 were fruit and pavlova cakes.

Since arranging parties is a big deal in itself, choosing a cake on top of this is a burden. So here are some ideas for you to refer to while shopping for the perfect cake.


Chocolate cake

Chocolate has to be the flavour to which no one can say ‘no’. Consequently, chocolate is a flavour that is the most sought-after in Sydney. Chocolate cakes are searched for online in Sydney over 40,000 times annually. A chocolate sponge cake batter mixed with molten chocolate and the cake topped with chocolate bars is truly irresistible.

Selfie cake

Selfie cakes are the trend now. These cakes come with any photo or logo on the top that you can choose; yes, the image is edible. But do you think selfie cakes are exclusive to birthdays or maybe farewells? Well, selfie cakes can give any Christmas Party a unique turn too. A selfie cake with Santa Claus will be the party’s star. The kids and adults will love a chocolate sponge cake base with vanilla buttercream at the centre and peanuts.

Christmas fruit cake

Christmas and fruit cakes are like two sides of the same coin. Christmas might even feel incomplete without the classic fruit cake everyone loves. Its moist and tender texture with brandy-soaked dried fruits, nuts, candied citron with a hint of ginger, and citron zest is just the perfect festive combination. The best part about this cake is that it can be quickly baked at home with a few personal touches here and there.

Pavlova Cake

Amidst all the Christmas cheer, let’s not forget the classic Pavlova, the representative dessert of Australia, during Christmas. Statistics show that Pavlova cakes take up 34% of the demand for Christmas cakes in Sydney. A classic meringue cake that tastes like a marshmallow on the inside and is slightly crisp on the outside, the Pavlova is beyond perfect. You can never go wrong with a pavlova cake, especially when you can have a range of flavours like peach and raspberry, blueberry, and even mango. Nougat pavlova cakes are also swoon-worthy.

Allergy-friendly cakes

Are you sure nobody at your party is allergic? If you’re not, allergy-friendly cakes are here to wash your worries away. The most common food allergens in Sydney are dairy, peanuts, and eggs, so it’s better to be cautious early than sorry later. Some of the highly recommended allergy-friendly cakes are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and eggless cakes. These cakes can also be customised according to one’s allergies.

Alcohol cakes

Sydney loves red wine, and a ‘boozy’ dessert sounds like the right fit and is tasty too. Around 34% of the alcohol-consuming population of Australia prefers wine, and 20% prefers beer. So a splash of regular strength beer, or maybe wine or vodka on a baked sponge cake or in the frosting, makes the cake moist and flavorful. If you dislike adding alcohol to your cake but still want the alcohol element to accompany the cake, simple vanilla or chocolate-flavoured cakes decorated with a bottle of red wine might be your go-to.

Finally, as Christmas brings so much love and joy, it is a beautiful time to be grateful too. Enjoy with your family and friends, and thank the Lord for this beautiful life. As for cakes, they need a little hard work and attention to what everyone likes, it is best served with lots of love on the side. Here’s to a safe and sweet holiday with all your near and dear ones!

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