Pop Smoke Braids Hairstyle

Pop smoke braids are Cornrow stitch in braids that are braided in groups of four on each side of the head using the stitch in method, and are named for the late rapper who passed away in February.

Pop smoke braids may be done utilising the feed in method, in which more hair is fed in while braiding the hair to give it a thick look, depending on the desired size.

They can also be made using a method that uses the same amount of hair throughout the braid’s length.

While pop smoke braids aren’t a new braided hairstyle, they’re sometimes mistaken for Fulani/tribal braids, which have a similar braiding and parting technique.

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We’ll show you a variety of pop smoke braids hairstyles, from pop smoke braids with beads to pop smoke braids for kids, in this post.

We’ll also show you 40 pop smoke braids ideas that are suitable for both long and short hair.

Tutorial for Pop Smoke Braids

If you’re already familiar with the techniques, making pop smoke braids is simple.

This hairstyle is best achieved using Xpression braiding hair, which may cost up to $150 depending on the length and size requested.

Begin by shampooing, deep conditioning, and blow drying your hair.

While you may get your hair braided without using heat, pop smoke braids done with the stitch in method look more tidy if the hair is blow dried before braiding.

The hair is sectioned into two pieces by splitting it in the centre after blow drying/straightening it.

On each side, the sectioned pieces are further separated into four parts.

The baby hairs and gel are then smoothed down with edge control to make the portions seem extra tidy.

As you go, the braided hair is gradually fed into the hair, thickening the braid.

This section is entirely optional.

If you want the braids to be the same size from beginning to end, use the same amount of hair and omit the feed in procedure.

Pop Smoke Braids: How to Do It Yourself

Here’s how to do pop smoke braids on yourself if you’re one of those folks that can braid their own hair regardless of the hairdo aka God’s favourite.

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