How To Find The Right Bikini Bottom For Your Figure

You all know that the bikini bottom is one of the most essential parts of a swimsuit. It’s also one of the hardest to shop for since every body type has different needs.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed when trying on bathing suits at stores and boutiques, don’t worry: here got your back. Here are some tips for finding the right bottom for your figure.


Go For a High Waist Bottom

High-waisted bikini sets, like the classic high-waisted bikini bottom, are flattering on all body types. If you have a smaller waist and larger hips, this style will create the illusion of having a smaller waist and extending your curves down to your hips. If you have a small waist but wider hips, this bottom will accentuate your figure and create an hourglass figure.

You can find high-waisted bikini bottoms in any cut—from briefs or thongs to bikinis with ties at each side or even without ties at all!

Pick the Coverage That Flatters

When choosing a bikini bottom, pick the coverage that flatters your figure. How much skin you want to show depends on your body shape and personal comfort level with showing off some leg. If you’re confident in yourself and have a good sense of style, there’s no reason not to go for a cheeky cut!

If you’re worried about cellulite or other imperfections, it may be best to choose bottoms with more coverage. If you get cold easily, then opt for more coverage on your thighs so that they don’t feel exposed when you sit down on the beach blanket under an umbrella (or whatever).

How To Find The Right Cut

If you’re looking for a flattering bottom that’s not too revealing, try a high-waisted bottom. A high cut will give you more coverage and enhance your curves.

If you’re going to wear a high-cut bikini bottom, then the higher the better! The higher waistline will not only camouflage your hips and thighs but also make them look slimmer by creating an optical illusion.

Pick A Cut That Cinches Your Waist

The first thing to consider is whether you want a bottom that cinches your waist. If so, look for one that has a cut that fits tight around your midsection. This will help define and accentuate your curves even if you have a flat butt or wider hips.

For example, an elastic band may be used to tightly encircle the upper thigh of the bikini bottom. This helps create a more defined shape in this area by sucking in extra fabric from around the waistline and pushing it towards the bottom of your legs.

Choose A Colour That Accentuates Your Best Features

Choosing the right colour can make your figure look slimmer, taller and more radiant. For example, a red bikini bottom will make you look taller than you actually are if you have on a pair of heels or wedges.

Now you can make a decision on the best bikini bottom for your figure. You must know what works for you so that you can pick the right style and size. Everyone is different, with their own unique body shape and size, so don’t be afraid to try different options.

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