How to Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most often used area in your house and thus requires the most maintenance. But don’t let yourself get caught cleaning the kitchen after every meal. You may go from being covered in filth to having a spotless appearance within just 15 minutes. Take a look at this explanation on the procedure.

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Materials Needed

Before you start, round up your materials:

  • Trash container
  • Basket for stuff that does not belong in the kitchen
  • Dish soap
  • Other cleansers you normally use
  • Dishrag or sponge
  • Scrubber for stuck on food
  • Broom, mop or vacuum
  • Housekeeping gloves


Every day, or if there is a buildup, you should run the dishwasher or clean the dishes by hand and wipe down the surfaces. The frequency with which you have to do this is variable, but doing so will make thorough cleaning your kitchen easier and ensure that meal preparation remains a pleasant experience.

If you have a large family, or even a single kid, if you work from home often, or if you love nothing more than to cook up a storm every damned day of the week, then of course you will need to spend more time than not cleaning your kitchen. If you use high-quality kitchen cleansers, you won’t have to work as hard. Try implementing these everyday suggestions and you’ll always be prepared.

A Few Things to Remember While Cleaning Your Kitchen

Consider these tips to make cleaning your kitchen a breeze:

1. Don’t get too deep in this type of cleaning

You want to get a deeper clean all around, not just on certain things. Put off cleaning the inside of the oven, the dishwasher, disassembling the toaster, or scrubbing the grout until later and schedule it in.

2. Use the right tools

Having a thorough and efficient cleaning toolkit on available improves the quality of any task. It’s a good idea to have a razor blade scraper on available for cleaning kitchen glass surfaces like the stove top. Remember that although white vinegar is an effective cleaner, the acid in vinegar may erode certain types of natural stone surfaces, such as granite.


Panic might set in fast if you’re a first-time homeowner who has never had to clean a kitchen before. Professional home cleaner and writer Sara San Angelo understands that “for people who are moving into their first apartment or house, cleaning the kitchen might seem like an onerous task.”

But she offers some words of encouragement: “if you accomplish a few key things each day, it becomes lot more achievable.” Every day, you should wash the dishes, clear and wipe the countertops, and promptly spot sweep or clean up any spills.

Make it a daily habit to wash the dishes. San Angelo claims that having an empty sink at the end of the day will drive you to keep cleaning until the job is done.

Put your floors clean since this is the quickest and simplest method to make your home seem tidy, and “keep a beautiful basket on the counter to dump stray objects in for a quick cleanup.”

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The rule of thumb is to do the dishes immediately after each meal.

Aim for an empty sink:

Keeping the sink free of dishes at all times is a quick way to make your kitchen seem clean and a breeze to deep clean.

Do the eye-level test? 

If you want to be sure you got every last crumb, look down at your counters after you’ve cleaned them.

Be strategic: 

Continually go from left to right and up and down. Once you get this method down down, cleaning will be a breeze and you won’t even have to give it any thought.

Clean over the floor: 

It’s okay if your floor gathers crumbs and other debris; you’ll clean it last.

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