Filipina beauty queen wins major pageant for transgender people

Jun 29, 2022 (Good Practice Funds)

Ilipina beautiful Queen Fuschia Anne Ravena was named the winner in Miss International Queen 2022, the contest is described by its organizers as the largest beauty pageant for transgender women. The 27-year-old businessman, who comes from Cebu province in the Philippines was awarded the title in a telecast final held in Thailand’s Thai town of Pattaya on the weekend off.

The event was launched in 2004. Miss International Queen is open to transgender women who have deemed the gender of male from birth. The event is usually held annually. the event was canceled in 2021 because of the Covid-19 disease. The event was scheduled so that it coincided with Pride month it had the title “Pride All Together.”

Ravena was one of 23 contestants who took part in the pageant, including Colombia’s Jasmine Jimenez and France’s Aela Chanel coming in third and second in the respective categories. Ravena is the third Filipina to be awarded the title in the words of CNN subsidiary CNN Philippines.

The Saturday night finale, streamed live by Thai television The contestants took to the stage in night dresses and national costumes of their countries of origin. In a segment of questions and answers, Ravena said that the intention of being transgender was “to be an inspiration to others.”

“I always believe it’s the prettiest benefit of being human and transgender woman isn’t just a brain that’s filled with knowledge , but (it) should have filled with respect and love as well as an ear to listen, and hands which (are) ready to assist others,” she said on the stage.

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In the video that was released by the pageant’s organizers prior to the event, Ravena said that her gender change was “not been an easy transition.”

“The acceptance I received in my own family home is the most wonderful present I’ve received during my trans-crossing experience,” said Ravena, who then dedicated her victory to her mother.

“The trans community has much (far) to move forward in the struggle to be equal” Ravena added in the video. “And that I am given the chance to voice my opinion I’m determined to take advantage of this chance and be a part of the solution to the greatest extent I can.”

Ravena received $450,000 Thai dollars ($12,700) for prize funds. In addition, she received donations from sponsors.

Thailand has one of Asia’s most open and visible lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) communities, which contributes to the country’s image of tolerance and appeal as a liberal tourist destination.

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