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CEO branding is one of the most engaging and distinctive aspects of most businesses, but it rarely gets used. Consider NASCAR for a second. Every car in the Daytona 500 is competitive, has sponsors, a knowledgeable pit crew, and is supported financially. The driver is the main distinction between the vehicles. Similar to this, the CEO is the main force in business.

CEO branding is achieved by strategically blending thought leadership that is displayed through social media, speaking engagements, writing, and astute public relations to get the correct message in front of your target audience. Finding out how the CEO’s brand corresponds with the business brand and can be utilised to gain access to the target market is the first step in the process.

Developing a more transferable brand to utilise when launching new divisions (or a new firm) and creating a legacy are all benefits of developing a CEO brand. While all of this advice is reasonable in theory, it is useless if it isn’t put into practise. Examples of successful CEOs employing CEO branding are shown below, along with advice on how you might use these techniques for your own brand.

Take control of your sector without using conventional advertising.

By creating a one-liner that sums up who you are in the marketplace, you can rebrand yourself. Put that one phrase to use by including it in your LinkedIn header, other social media sites, and bio. People will start to believe it if they hear it often enough. Branding is about making an impression, and you’ll be more memorable if you can clearly state what you do — I recommend restricting it to three to seven words.

Reputations take time to develop. They are developed through repeated, lasting impressions. Instead of marketing your product when networking, offer others something of worth. Make recommendations to aid others in expanding their businesses or provide insightful advice without charging for it. As a result, you become more likeable and trustworthy, and relationship equity is created, all of which improve your reputation.

Overcome distrust of brands.

We only had three weeks to secure five noteworthy media placements for a Chinese automaker’s unmanned vehicle debut at the Detroit Auto Show and draw 50 reporters to the press conference. The media initially reacted negatively to us, saying Chinese businesses aren’t known for creativity.

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