9 Ways to Style Your Summer Clothes for the Fall

The glorious days of summer are filled with breezy dresses and vibrant prints on your sunkissed skin, but the leaves are beginning to change, and the air is taking on that slight chill. You may think it’s time to put away those off-the-shoulder tops and pretty open-toed sandals, but we’ve got news for you, fashion-savvy friends. We have all the secrets to help you unlock the transition from your beloved summer wardrobe to help you seamlessly enter the realm of fall fashion. Let’s dive into it!

Layer Up Your Look — To master effortless transitions, layer your way from summer to fall. Temperatures are shifting, and the leaves are starting to turn, so here are some tips to help you layer your look with finesse. As your base, begin with incorporating lightweight pieces like sundresses or camisoles. Layer up with cozy elements like chunky cardigans or turtlenecks to combat those chilly breezes. Finish off the look with ankle booties or knee-high boots to add warmth and elevate your style game.

Charm with Cardigans — Cardigans are the quintessential fall pieces. To style this ultimate autumn piece, start with a sleeveless top or lightweight tee as your base. An open-knit cardigan offers a fun and casual vibe. While you may have worn shorts or skirts during the summer, it’s time to swap those bare legs for midi skirts or skinny jeans for the fall. To help define your silhouette, belt your cardigan. To match the season’s palette, go for earthy tones like olive or burgundy.

Dreamy Denim — You’ll look like a dream when you wear denim this season, the go-to fabric that will take you from sunny summer days to autumn’s crisp embrace. Layer an oversized denim jacket over a sundress for a transitional touch. Instead of wearing denim shorts, wear skinny jeans with platform wedges. Jeans look great with comfortable wedge sandals to add some height. To get that cozy chic look, wear a denim skirt with a chunky sweater and tights.

Sweater Skirt Chic — Navigating the shift from summer to fall is a breeze when you combine your favorite sweater with a skirt. Pair a lightweight skirt with a chunky knit sweater to add texture and warmth. Try autumnal hues like mustard and chocolate brown to harmonize with the changing landscape around you.  Experiment with patterned tights to add a little pizzazz to your look. You’ll be able to merge the summer and fall seasons while embracing comfort in one stylish swoop.

Accessorize with Scarves — Fall is the perfect time to level up your accessory game. For an effortless touch, wear a cozy infinity or oversized scarf with your blouse. Scarves act as a way to experiment with different patterns and colors to breathe life into your autumn wardrobe.

Do the Turtleneck Twist — The turtleneck is the must-have of the fall season. Pair a colorful turtleneck with high-waisted jeans and ankle boots. You can layer your turtleneck under a strappy sundress for a touch of warmth and texture. Watch your creativity unfold as you accessorize your turtleneck with statement belts to layer delicate necklaces over that snug neckline. Whether you want a classic black neutral turtleneck or a fun and flirty top, you’re sure to become the queen of fall fashion.

Boot Camp — This past summer, we saw classic boot silhouettes in light colors and soft materials. Off-white, powder, denim and caramel hues, according to fashion experts, were especially popular these past few months. As you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, wear knee-high or thigh-high boots with your favorite summer dresses. Experiment with different silhouettes and wear boots and dresses in rich, autumnal colors.

Fall Florals — When we think about fall, we often think about pumpkins and leaves, but this season is also a great time to show off fall florals in your wardrobe. Autumn flowers include large and sunny sunflowers and asters that bloom with purple, blue and even pink shades. Opt for deeper-hued floral prints on midi and maxi dresses and pair them with ankle boots for that effortlessly chic look. Mix textures like a faux leather jacket over a cotton floral dress.

Jumpsuit for Joy — Jumpsuits are chic and easy to wear, the perfect transitional piece from summer to fall. Try a lightweight sleeveless jumpsuit during the early autumn months. As the air cools down through the season, layer with a longline cardigan or a jacket for additional comfort and warmth. Dress up the look with ankle booties. To keep your jumpsuit ensemble more casual, pair it with sandals for women.

With all of these tips in mind, we hope you feel inspired to take your summer clothes and shoes and confidently style them into your fall wardrobe. The transition from summer to fall is the perfect time to wear those same cute flats you wore to the beach to your autumn apple-picking adventures. Keep experimenting with different colors and layers until you find what works best for you.

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