9 Essential Tips for Getting a PhD In Project Management

The days of finishing your master’s degree and immediately being hired as a project manager are long gone. Nowadays, getting a position in which you will have time to research, write, and finalize projects is not so easy. Getting a job that will give you the time to plan, execute, and review your work is difficult due to the lack of available positions. The constant demand for new knowledge has led to an increase in competition among job seekers. This article provides information on how you can get a PhD in project management and discover opportunities that are not readily apparent to those with no academic training. With help from a mentor and through research projects offered by your university, many people pursue a career in research-oriented fields such as medicine or engineering. But what if you don’t want to work with others on papers? Or maybe you would like to use your theoretical knowledge and practical experience outside of an academic environment? Becoming an independent researcher may be your answer. Read on to learn more about this alternative path as well as some helpful tips for getting there…


What Is Project Management?

Project management is a discipline that applies to all types of professional service organizations. These can be industries such as construction, engineering, health care, or retail, or nonprofit organizations such as museums, government offices, schools, or libraries. Projects can be physical structures such as bridges, hospitals, or office buildings or they can be abstract creations such as software. Key project management roles and responsibilities are concerned with how projects are planned, organized, scheduled, costed, and executed. The discipline’s main focus is to identify bottlenecks in the project delivery process so they can be minimized and the project’s completion date can be extended.

How to Become a PhD in Project Management

After completing the Master’s Degree in Project Management (MBA) Online, when you’re aiming to get a PhD in project management, you’ll need to think deeply about what it is you want to study. There are a wide variety of subjects to choose from in the field of project management. The best way for you to choose your specialization is to do research on your own, consult with experts in the field, and then make a decision based on what will best help you achieve your career goals. Before you start your research, you’ll want to define exactly what you want to study. For example, you may want to pursue a focus on project management policies or you may be interested in how project management is used in specific industries. Once you’ve identified what you would like to study, you’ll want to find relevant research papers that will help you better understand the field. You’ll also want to find relevant articles about career development and networking to help you better understand the path to making connections in the field. Finally, you’ll want to find relevant information about funding opportunities to help you understand the best ways to access funding for your research.

Get an internship or part-time job while you’re still studying

If you have not yet decided on a topic for your PhD, you might want to consider getting an internship or working as a contractor for a private company during your undergraduate years. Doing so can help to pay for school and could also provide valuable experience that could help you land a job or an academic position after graduating. If you want to work on a specific project, you can also try to find an internship that focuses on your interests. For example, if you are interested in project risks, try searching for an internship related to risk management. The online project management certification courses from AIMS also serves as a pre-requisite for the doctorate program in project management.

Create a digital portfolio and find online research opportunities

If you are not sure what you want to study, one way to figure it out is by creating a digital portfolio. A digital portfolio is a collection of all of your research, writing, presentations, and other works that illustrate your knowledge and skill set. A digital portfolio will help you to better define what you want to study, help you to understand your strengths, and help you to find relevant research opportunities. If you are looking for research opportunities for your PhD, you can also try to find PhD-friendly online courses. Many universities offer online courses that are designed for non-degree-seeking students who want to learn about a specific topic. If a university has a specific online course that is relevant to your topic of study, you can try to take it, earn a certificate, or even a diploma.

Talk to your school office about research fellowships and assistantships

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD in project management and have yet to decide on a specific topic, you can always try to find a PhD-friendly school with a strong program in project management. One way to do this is by looking at the schools with which you are most interested. Once you’ve identified the schools that you would like to apply to, you can look them up on a website such as US News and World Report. Next, you can try to talk to the admissions officers at the schools that you are interested in. Talking to the admissions office can help you to identify the best opportunities for funding.

Networking is key, too! Find local groups who help with professional development

If you have not yet made any connections in the project management field, you can always try to attend professional conferences or find local groups that focus on career development. Attending these types of events can help you to identify relevant networking opportunities such as finding recruiters or hiring managers. At these events, you can also try to make connections with coworkers, professors, or other industry professionals who might have information about PhD programs in your area.


The field of project management has seen tremendous growth over the years. In fact, many companies choose to outsource their project management function because of the complexities involved in managing projects. This growth has led to the need for project managers with special expertise in the field. However, there are not enough positions to accommodate the growing demand. With this in mind, you can pursue a PhD in project management to help you achieve your career goals.

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