7 Outfits Every Man Should Look at for Inspiration

Between all the outfit choices that are now a part of the men’s fashion industry, from the rich and bold colors to the different fabric choices between formal and smart casual outfits, modern menswear has become quite exciting. But with these choices, there also comes the possibility of you being overwhelmed to choose a particular look for yourself. And if you’re someone who is enthusiastic about how they dress up and present themselves, you may need some proper inspiration to create your own unique fashion style.

In this blog, we’re going to look into different outfits every man should look at for wardrobe inspiration.


Denim Shirt & Chinos

Denim jacket and chinos are the best choice of outfit when you’re just running errands in town on a nice, sunny day. A comfortable pair of chinos with an equally comfy denim overshirt, and a pair of sneakers, will do the job for you.

Dress Shirt & Jacket

One of the styles you can opt for during winters is wearing a button-down dress shirt with a jacket on top. Make sure to combine the colors of your outfit properly for a more complemented and complete look. A brown jacket on top of white, or a black jacket on top of a blue dress shirt can be the best choice. Pair that with chinos pants, and you’re in for a smart casual yet stylish look.

Sweater & Chinos

If you’re trying to go for a more masculine, classic, and casual look, try pairing your knit sweater with chinos pants, or even jeans. The real charm of knit sweaters comes out if they’re in darker colors, like navy or black, but even lighter colors can do the trick if you know how to wear the outfit properly.

Sherpa Jackets & Dress Pants

Nothing better in the chilly weather than to pair a Sherpa jacket with dress pants or jeans. It’s a cozy outfit that also helps you bring out your fashion statement. Pair that with a button-down undershirt, and you have a proper look.

Go All-Black

For a more casual yet classic and sophisticated look, go for an all-black attire. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a suit, you could wear a black jacket, black pants, and a dark-colored shirt underneath, navy or charcoal would be perfect for this. Pair that with minimal sneakers or boots, and you have the most simple yet classy look you could think of.

Coat and Hoodie

If you’re looking to pull a more stylish, young, yet elegant look, pair up your hoodie with a high-quality coat on top, and you’re good to go. An outfit obviously meant for the winters, you need to take note of which colors you’re choosing for your outfit. A pastel hoodie paired with a dark coat can be the best look. Pair that with Chelsea boots, and you have a complete look.

Checkered Blazer

Plaid or checkered jackets are the easiest ways to pull off a fashionably charming look. Pair that with chinos or jeans, and you have an elegant outfit to make a statement with. You just need to know how to combine different colors and the right kind of shoes to go with them.

This was our guide to the different outfits men can look at for inspiration for their own wardrobe choices. Make sure you’re looking at all the seasonal requirements for dressing as you go on to try different looks. Wearing a hoodie during the summer will be as bad as wearing a short-sleeved shirt during the winters, and make sure to keep your jackets safe for the chilly season.

You have different options for different environments and occasions, and you need to keep that in mind when making your outfit choices on any day. If you’re looking for some high-quality options in dressing, visit FHS Official.

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